A Century of Caring: Celebrating 101 Years at Monadnock Community Hospital

A Century of Caring: Celebrating 101 Years at Monadnock Community Hospital

From Humble Beginnings to a Thriving Medical Center

Monadnock Community Hospital’s story began in 1919 with a generous donation from Robert Parmelee. His summer residence became the cornerstone of the hospital, and thanks to further support from community leaders, the doors officially opened in 1923. Starting with just four doctors, the hospital quickly became a vital resource, offering modern medical care to the people of Peterborough.

Growth and Adaptation

Throughout the 20th century, Monadnock Community Hospital flourished. The 1920s saw initial expansions with new facilities and services, including the first X-ray machine in 1926. Even during challenging times, like the financial struggles of the 1930s, the hospital persevered. The following decades brought further growth with additional staff, expanded services, and satellite clinics in neighboring towns. The 1980s and 1990s witnessed significant advancements, including the introduction of laser eye surgery and the creation of a dedicated Women’s Health Center. Major construction projects, like the Medical Arts Building in 1991, further bolstered the hospital’s capabilities.

A Modern Era of Care

The turn of the millennium saw the opening of the Bond Wellness Center, promoting a holistic approach to healthcare. In 2006, the Sarah Hogate Bacon Emergency Services Department showcased the hospital’s commitment to providing cutting-edge emergency care. The most recent challenge, the global pandemic of 2020, highlighted the hospital’s resilience and unwavering community support.

Looking Forward: A Century Strong

Today, Monadnock Community Hospital celebrates a remarkable 100-year legacy. With a team of over 108 doctors and numerous support staff, the hospital offers a comprehensive range of services, from advanced imaging to specialized care centers. More importantly, we remain deeply rooted in the community, constantly adapting and growing to meet the evolving healthcare needs of the region. As Monadnock Community Hospital embarks on our second century, our mission of providing compassionate, high-quality care and fostering the well-being of the community remains our guiding principle.

101 Years of Serving our Community

This year, Monadnock Community Hospital reaches a milestone – 101 years of serving our community! Over a century, we’ve transformed from a small facility into a comprehensive healthcare provider. But one thing remains constant: our unwavering commitment to compassionate care.

A Rich History, A Bright Future

Founded in 1923, Monadnock Community Hospital began with a simple mission: to improve the health of our neighbors. Today, that mission thrives. We’re guided by core values of compassion, collaboration, honesty, and respect.

More Than Medicine: We’re Your Family

We believe healthcare is about nurturing our community. You’re not just a patient, you’re part of our extended family. Our dedicated team provides personalized care, tailored to your unique needs.

Our strength lies in our size. In an impersonal healthcare world, we create meaningful connections, fostering trust and compassion.

Innovation Meets Excellence

We cherish our history, but we also look forward. Monadnock Community Hospital embraces advancements in medical technology and practices. From state-of-the-art equipment to comprehensive wellness programs, we’re at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Specialized Care, Close to Home

Our services now include cardiology, orthopedics, and oncology. We offer a wide range of services, addressing both preventive and acute care needs, supporting you through every stage of life.

Building a Healthier Community Together

Our commitment extends beyond the hospital walls. We actively participate in community outreach programs, health education, and partnerships that promote wellness. A healthy community is a vibrant community, and we’re dedicated to fostering that environment.

Thank You, and Looking Ahead

We’re filled with gratitude for your trust and support. Your stories inspire us every day.

The future is bright for Monadnock Community Hospital. We remain committed to our mission, guided by our core values, and driven by a vision of a healthier, happier community.

Monadnock Community Hospital: Your Partner in Health and Wellness Since 1923.

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