Winter Rest Exhibition Virtual Gallery

Winter Rest exhibition postcard
Winter Rest Exhibition Virtual Gallery
Winter Rest Exhibition

Art heals. Community connects. Join us at MCH.

In the heart of the picturesque Monadnock Region, where history intertwines with creativity, Monadnock Community Hospital’s Healing Arts Gallery stands as a testament to the powerful intersection of healing and art.

Winter Rest Exhibition

The Winter Rest exhibition was displayed 2/15/24-4/1/24 and invites you to embark on a visual journey celebrating the beauty of repose and introspection.

The carefully selected artworks of Larry Davis, Lynne Kennedy Crouse, Byron Niederhelman, Lori Pedrick, Afton Rodriguez, Don Sucher, and Judy Unger-Clark collectively weave a tapestry of visuals. Each artist brings a unique perspective to the theme, offering visitors a diverse yet cohesive exploration of the concept of rest.

The Winter Rest exhibition is not merely an art display; it is an invitation to pause, reflect, and find solace in the beauty that surrounds us.

*Some pieces in this exhibition are available for purchase. For inquiries contact us.

Winter Rest exhibition postcard

Meet the Artists

Larry Ahern

Larry Ahern is a musician and photographer living in Peterborough. His photography subjects are mostly nature. Shape, shadow, and texture fascinates him. The subject of his music is the same.
E-mail LAhern @

Larry Davis

In 1984 Larry Davis, now in his 50s, set a goal to hike his local mountain 84 times but ended up completing 106, sparking a daily hiking quest. Yankee Magazine, “Monadnock: More Than a Mountain,” and Eastern Mountain Sports ads have featured him. Recently, his video footage of a summit dance performance will appear in a documentary. Despite working 72-hour weeks, he hikes daily starting in the morning after biking to the mountain, totaling about 100 miles weekly on his bicycle. Davis has faced extreme conditions, even hiking with food poisoning and on crutches because of an injury. While loyal to Mount Monadnock, he’s explored other peaks, including Maine’s Mount Katahdin and is involved with the Appalachian Mountain Club and the Osgood Trail adoption on Mount Madison.
E-mail LarryDavisNH @

Lynne Kennedy-Crouse

Meet Lynne Kennedy-Crouse, the heart and soul behind the lens. Living in a cozy log home on a dirt road in southern New Hampshire with her husband Bill and their three teen athletes, Lynne embraces the chaos and joy of her active family’s life. Always with a camera in hand, she’s passionate about capturing the rustic beauty that surrounds us in nature, as well as the strength, power and determination of young athletes. Lynne is a passionate storyteller through her words and photos. Combining her life’s work and skills as an HR professional, life coach, writer, and compassionate mom to all, Lynne brings a powerful and unique approach to her work as a photographer that results in her clients returning to her year after year.
Email LynneCrousePhotography @

Byron Niederhelman

Byron’s aim is to develop a sense of awareness and appreciation of nature, as well as an aesthetic appreciation of the uniqueness and beauty of the area in which we live. He tries to capture the subject from an interesting point of view and get the attention of the viewer. Byron tries to evoke an emotional response to the elements of the photo through subject material, perspective, or lighting effect.
E-mail BNC3939 @

Lori Pedrick

Lori Pedrick, an award-winning art director, photographer, and designer with over 25 years of publishing experience, has led magazine visuals covering diverse topics. Currently, she directs Art New England Magazine and the Edible Manhattan Group. Formerly, she held roles at Yankee Magazine, Philadelphia, and Boston Magazines ancillary publication division. In 2017, Lori earned an MFA from the New Hampshire Institute of Art, focusing on her project, Growing Up Girl – a series of female portraits, accompanied by personal essays exploring gendered experiences. This project delves into beauty standards, self-awareness, confidence, acceptance, overcoming adversity, and connection. Visit to see her work and contact Info @ for inquiries. In 2020, she established Lori Pedrick Creative Services, LLC, a design and photography studio in Peterborough, New Hampshire, catering to clients regionally and beyond.

Afton Rodriguez

Handmade jewelry

Don Sucher

When Don Sucher retired from a long and storied career as a problem-solving photographer serving science and medicine, he returned to his true passion: Seeking beauty and things of visual interest to use as the basis for his own artistic vision. Don converted many of the specialized techniques he developed in the days of film and chemistry to digital techniques and processes. He regularly uses these techniques in his photographic art. Something Don says is “more akin to ‘painting with light’ than to pure photography.” Don describes his work as more image oriented than subject oriented. “The final image reflects more what I see than what the camera saw.” Don hopes you enjoy these examples of his work. Photography – from the Greek words “photo”, meaning light and “graphia” meaning writing or drawing.
E-mail DukeEditor @

Judy Unger-Clark

Judy Unger Clark has been a “light writer” for over 50 years. She built her first pinhole camera, inspired by Eric Renner and John Wood at Alfred University. Judy’s work has evolved from darkroom to digital, but her strong ties to artistic and alternative film-based methods are evident. She treats her computer as her darkroom. Her analog film with choice was infrared, which records light beyond the visible spectrum. Judy now works with a digital infrared camera, pinhole camera, iPhone, and others. Museums, universities, galleries, and online exhibitions have showcased her work. Recent jury shows include Thorne-Sagendorf Art Gallery at Keene State College, Fitchburg Art Museum, Vermont Center for Photography, and Society for Photographic Education, New England Chapter Exhibition. Judy holds a BFA from Albert University. For 20 years she taught high school photography in New Hampshire and Vermont. In addition to her photography, she runs an organic market garden and maple sugaring operation in Rindge, New Hampshire. Visit for more info.
Email JUnger @

Connecting Worlds

Gallery entrance adjacent to the emergency department

At Monadnock Community Hospital, we believe in the synergy of healing and art. The Healing Arts Gallery serves as a bridge, connecting the worlds of healthcare and artistic expression. Our exhibitions not only enrich the cultural landscape of our region, but also contribute to the proven therapeutic benefits of engaging with beautiful artwork. The Healing Arts Gallery is a venue for artists to exhibit in varied mediums, resulting in a visual experience which promotes the proven healing and restorative benefits of art. Our vision extends beyond the current exhibition. We aspire to cultivate a permanent art collection for the hospital, a legacy that will continue to uplift the spirits of patients and visitors for generations to come.

Visit Us

The entrance to the Healing Arts Gallery is conveniently located adjacent to the Sarah Hogate Bacon Emergency Services Department. The Healing Arts Gallery is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The gallery is open to all.Healing Arts Gallery
For additional information or to purchase a piece, please contact Katharyn Ernst at 603-924-4682 or email A portion of sales benefits the Healing Arts program at MCH. To submit artwork see our Gallery Submission page.