Monadnock Community Hospital is pleased to invite you to the MCH Healing Arts Gallery for the opening of:


Opening Reception:
Thursday, August 15, 2019 — 4:30pm to 6:00pm
On display through November 6, 2019

Featured Artists: Maggie Cahoon,  Bob Marrone, Cyndie Katz, Nancy Massy
Prayers Of Nature

Music by Larry Ahern
Light Refreshments will be served.

Bring your friends!
MCH Healing Arts Gallery is adjacent to the Sarah Hogate Bacon Emergency Department.

For more information visit or call LeeAnn Clark Moore at 603-924-1700.

Step into a world of healing and creativity at the Monadnock Community Hospital (MCH) Healing Arts Gallery’s latest exhibition, “Restorative.” This captivating showcase invites you to experience the transformative power of art, as interpreted by talented local artists. This exhibition explores the profound connection between art and nature. The showcased pieces by Maggie Cahoon, Bob Marrone, Cyndie Katz, and Nancy Massy weave together a narrative of tranquility, resilience, and the healing essence found in the prayers of nature.
The soothing melodies of Larry Ahern will accompany your exploration of the artwork, enhancing the overall immersive experience. Light refreshments will be served. The gallery is conveniently located adjacent to the Sarah Hogate Bacon Emergency Department.
This exhibition is a communal celebration of art, healing, and the vibrant spirit of our community. Share this experience with your friends, family, and neighbors. For additional information, please visit or reach out to LeeAnn Clark Moore at 603-924-1700.
Join us on this inspiring journey at the MCH Healing Arts Gallery, where the convergence of art and healing creates a space of solace and rejuvenation for our community.

Healing Arts Gallery
The Healing Arts Gallery was created to host a venue for artists to exhibit in varied mediums, resulting in a visual experience which promotes the proven healing and restorative benefits of art. The Healing Arts Gallery is located at Monadnock Community Hospital adjacent to the Emergency Services Department entrance. The gallery is open to all.