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The Monadnock Orthopaedic Associates team has been providing orthopedic care in the Monadnock region for more than twenty years. We are board-certified specialists who have trained at some of the most respected hospitals in the country, including the Mayo Clinic, and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Because we work, live and play in the Monadnock Region, we understand how important it is for our patients to return to pain-free living as soon as possible. We hope you’ll learn more about us and we look forward to serving your orthopedic health care needs.

Our board-certified specialists have trained at some of the most respected hospitals in the country, including the Mayo Clinic, and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

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Meet Our Team

The dedicated team at Monadnock Orthopaedic Associates has been a cornerstone of orthopedic care for over two decades, boasting board-certified specialists with prestigious training from institutions such as the Mayo Clinic and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

MOA Blog & Videos

Monadnock Orthopaedic Associates welcomes you to a blog dedicated to delivering high-quality, compassionate care, offering valuable insights, tips, and resources for your orthopedic health and wellness journey. View our blog posts and seminar videos.

General Orthopedics

MOA’s specialized team is highly trained in addressing a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, aiming to swiftly restore patients to their daily routines. Their comprehensive services encompass treating acute and chronic back and neck issues, arthritis, fracture care, and providing on-site services such as bracing, digital x-rays, and ultrasound-guided injections.

Orthopedic Surgeries

We offer a comprehensive range of surgical services, from joint replacements to nerve surgery, coupled with post-operative rehabilitation, to ensure our patients have the best chance for a swift and successful recovery.

Joint Replacement Pre-op & Recovery Resources

Valuable pre-operative and post-operative resources for joint replacement surgery patients to ensure a successful and safe recovery process. Comprehensive guides for major joint replacement procedures and instructional videos on performing daily tasks safely post-surgery, emphasizing patient well-being and support throughout the process.

Physiatry / Sports Medicine

Monadnock Orthopaedic Associates (MOA) offers extensive experience in sports medicine, providing thorough evaluation and treatment for various sports-related injuries, from stress fractures to traumatic tendon and ligament injuries. We also specialize in physiatry, using non-surgical approaches to diagnose and treat nerve, muscle, and bone injuries, focusing on helping patients swiftly resume their daily activities.

Pain Management

Specializing in cutting-edge pain management solutions. We offer advanced treatments for a wide range of conditions, including chronic pain, migraines, and musculoskeletal issues, with a focus on providing the most technologically advanced options in New England.

Carpal Tunnel Release

Offering a groundbreaking and minimally-invasive approach to carpal tunnel release. With ultrasound-guided technology, this outpatient procedure ensures a swift recovery, allowing most patients to return to their daily activities within days.

Trigger Finger Release (TFR)

Providing innovative and minimally-invasive care for trigger finger. With our real-time ultrasound-guided trigger finger release, we offer patients a swift solution to alleviate pain and discomfort, allowing them to quickly regain mobility and enjoy their daily activities once again.

Spine Care

From spinal deformities present from birth to degenerative conditions that come with age, our team at Monadnock Orthopaedic Associates is here to address a wide range of spinal issues. We specialize in proven, minimally invasive surgical procedures, including cervical disc replacement and vertebroplasty, aiming to provide effective solutions and speed up recovery for patients experiencing pain and impaired mobility due to spinal conditions.

Pediatric Orthopaedics

Offering expert and compassionate treatment for children’s fractures and deformities. We provide tailored solutions, from splints and casts to surgery when needed, with a focus on promoting proper healing and growth for our young patients.

Deformity Correction

Offering expert deformity correction for children, using minimally invasive surgical and non-surgical methods. We specialize in treating conditions like clubfoot, hip dysplasia, uneven leg lengths, knock knees, and bow legs, with a focus on ensuring the quickest possible recovery for young patients while addressing orthopedic deformities.