The Birthing Suite at MCH
Welcome Dr. Eckardt!

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Melody Eckardt to Monadnock OB/GYN.

Welcome Dr. Jenkins!

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Morgan Jenkins to Monadnock OB/GYN.

When you choose Monadnock Community Hospital’s Award-Winning Birthing Suite to have your baby, you’ve come to a place where care truly comes first. You, your family and your newborn are treated to a family-centered and highly supportive environment before, during and after childbirth. With window views looking into a peaceful woodland setting, each room at MCH’s Birthing Suite offers you the most innovative birthing practices along with a home-like, personal atmosphere.

From a wide range of completely natural child birth techniques to full epidural anesthesia, our physicians and nurses are here to support your choices and help you experience birth in your own special way.

After visiting our web site and taking in everything that the Birthing Suite has to offer you, we invite you to call and tour our facility in person. We think you’ll love what you see!

Nitrous Oxide: Safe, Effective Option for Childbirth Pain

Monadnock Community Hospital now offers safe, effective nitrous oxide for childbirth pain management. This short video explains how nitrous works-and why it is the #1 choice for childbirth pain in Europe and Canada.

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