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At The Birthing Suite

At the Birthing Suite

The Birthing Suite at MCH is a special place, offering the very best in personalized and professional maternity care in a setting designed to provide the ultimate in comfort— for moms and their babies. Amenities include comfortable accommodation for family and in room nourishment, private rooms, rocking chairs, a soaking tub, a rain room, TV and wifi.

Because every birth is a unique and individual experience, our doctors, nurses and staff are here to help you give birth in your own special way. At the Birthing Suite, you have access to a wide range of birthing options – from natural childbirth to full epidural anesthesia and any combination in-between – 24 hours a day. And the individualized attention you will receive with our personalized nursing care will provide the comfort, caring and medical expertise you need throughout your labor.

During Your Stay

Immediately after giving birth, your room is quietly converted from a labor and delivery room to a warm, cozy environment where you can heal and learn about your new baby in this home-like atmosphere.

Personalized Nursing Care

Our nurses attend to your individual needs in many ways, including our Childbirth Education program, one-to-one care through labor and delivery, and post-partum care while you are at the Birthing Suite as well as after you go home.

Birthing Options

At the Birthing Suite, a full range of birthing options are available – you decide how you want to experience birth and we will guide you through every step of the process

Birthing Complications

Birth is an exciting and special time in your life. Our nurses and physicians are committed to providing you with the comfort and caring expertise you need throughout your childbirth stay.