Mom kissing baby
After Childbirth

Mom and Baby Follow-up Care

About two days after going home, you will follow up with your pediatrician or family practice physician. During this appointment, your baby will receive a check-up with a doctor. The doctor will assess the overall health of your newborn, including weight and jaundice. In addition, you will have time to talk about concerns you may have as a new mom, such as your newborn’s feeding and sleeping habits. Shortly after you go home, a Birthing Suite nurse will call to check in with you.

Breastfeeding Support

If you have questions about your baby in the first few days and weeks following delivery, we encourage you to call us. Our nurses will provide you with advice or referrals for care.

Newborn Care Providers

Take a moment to meet the newborn care providers at MCH. Our pediatricians and family practice physicians are conveniently located throughout the Monadnock Region to provide your child with the best health care possible.