Your Hospital: November 2023

Artist's rendering of the rear of the Bond Wellness Center with turf project complete

Completed turf project

Home Turf: Presenting A New Space for Rehabilitation

A key to effective rehabilitation is helping people heal in spaces where they can practice the skills they need to return to daily living. That’s why the area behind the Bond Wellness Center has been transformed into a combination of athletic turf surface and rubberized mat exercise space along with an expanded patio area. Our incredible Rehabilitation department will utilize this outdoor space for therapy services including dynamic strengthening, balance, and agility training, along with rehabilitative sports training for patients of all ages and needs.
Learn more about MCH Rehabilitation Services at:

A Milestone in Local Carpal Tunnel Care

Dr. W. Bradley White of Monadnock Orthopaedic Associates celebrates successfully treating over 100 patients using minimally invasive UltraGuideCTR™ and real-time ultrasound guidance technology to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. He says,
“Carpal tunnel release with ultrasound guidance is the least invasive surgery I have done in the last 30 years, and the jump is a quantum leap when it comes to patient satisfaction.”
For more information about minimally invasive carpal tunnel treatment and other Orthopedic offerings at MCH, please visit

Healing Arts Gallery exhibition

On with the Show at the MCH Healing Arts Gallery

Our Healing Arts Gallery is back, giving visitors and patients a supportive place to reflect, and giving fantastic local artists a showcase for their work. Our Healing Arts Committee puts on four shows a year displaying work from our region’s artists.
Our most recent exhibition, Ebb & Flow, ran from September 21st through November 8th, featuring dazzling works from Christine Andrews of Deering, Jill Fischman of Warner, and R. Scott Hyde of Peterborough.
Debuting on November 30th, we’re proud to present Enchanted and Entwined, a fiber arts show featuring hooked rugs and felted art.
Artists interested in submitting their work that supports a therapeutic and restorative experience for viewers in a healthcare setting can find an Artist Prospectus at
Healing Arts Gallery

Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Frances Lawler, A Legacy of Dedication and Compassion at Monadnock Community Hospital

For over a decade, Mrs. Mary Frances Lawler has dedicated herself to MCH, accumulating an astounding 2,225 hours of service since 2012. Her presence on the MCH campus is synonymous with a warm smile and a heart full of compassion. Her service to patients and our community begins long before 2012 though, as she first filled her life with a career in nursing.
Residing in Jaffrey, Mrs. Lawler’s connection with MCH runs deep, interwoven with the hospital’s history and mission of exceptional care. Her journey as a nurse traces back to her mother, who served as a night supervisor nurse at the hospital. This familial connection ignited her passion for nursing, leading her to start as a volunteer at MCH during her high school years. Determined to pursue her dreams, she worked at the 5 & 10 in Jaffrey to save for nursing school.
Her educational path took her to the Carney Hospital School for Nurses and ultimately to a bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Nursing from St. Anselm. She then landed a 50-year nursing career, including four decades at Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center. Throughout her career, she garnered numerous nursing awards, accolades, and letters praising her kindness, dedication, and lasting impact, a testament to her exceptional skills and unwavering dedication.
As a mentor, Mrs. Lawler passed on her wisdom to the next generation of nurses, instilling in them the importance of going above and beyond for patients. Beyond her professional achievements, Mrs. Lawler has given back to her community in many ways, such as receiving a 30-year pin for her work with the Red Cross’s Bloodmobile.
Today, Mrs. Lawler continues her selfless journey as a volunteer in the hospital’s Human Resources department. Her presence is celebrated with words like “Magnificent Amazing Resourceful Youthful, and Loyal Awesome Wonderful Loving Enthusiastic Reliable,” spelling out her name on a bulletin board, reflecting the impact she makes every day.
“I go by the rules, and I don’t fail,” Mrs. Lawler declares with characteristic determination. Her journey has come full circle, from working as a nurse in a room next to the office where she now volunteers, showcasing her enduring bond with the hospital. Her reflection on MCH echoes its commitment to compassion and friendliness. Mrs. Lawler emphasizes that there’s always a warm “good morning” from the staff, reinforcing the hospital’s dedication to creating a supportive environment.
Monadnock Community Hospital proudly salutes Mary Frances Lawler for her exceptional contributions to patient care, community well-being, and support for our staff. She embodies MCH’s values, and her unwavering dedication continues to inspire us all.
To join Mrs. Lawler and our incredible team of volunteers at Monadnock Community Hospital, please contact Toni Gildone, Volunteer Coordinator, at (603)924-7191 x4190. Together, we can make a difference in our community.

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