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Ebb & Flow Exhibition

Ebb & Flow exhibition at the Healing Arts Gallery opens September 21 and is on display through November 8th.
Healing Arts Gallery

A Heartwarming Journey of Birth, Dedication, and Return at Monadnock Community Hospital

It’s an exciting milestone year for Monadnock Community Hospital as it celebrates its 100th anniversary! Over the past century there have been many inspiring stories shared from those who were born at the hospital, patients who received excellent care, and employees who call the hospital their home away from home. This heartwarming story encapsulates it all, truly coming full circle.
Monadnock Community Hospital is delighted to introduce Jackie Coll, who has been a member of the hospital’s dedicated team for over a decade. Born as a twin in the maternity ward of MCH in the 80s, she later gave birth to both of her children in MCH’s Birthing Suite. Jackie started with the organization at New Ipswich Family Medicine, however, after a slight career change, she took a new role in a different capacity. As a member of the Information Technology team, her office is now the room that she was born in!
“When our OB unit changed locations within MCH, the old unit rooms were transformed into offices that now house MCH’s IT department where I currently work,” Jackie explains. “The excitement of MCH’s 100th year anniversary inspired my mom and I to look at my old birth photos. To our incredible surprise my office is the very room I started life in! It brings me great honor to work in such a wonderful hospital that has always been and continues to bes an enormous part of my life.”
With a background in nursing and information technology, Jackie brings a wealth of experience and a passion for making a positive impact in the lives of patients. This remarkable journey from birth to professional fulfillment encapsulates the hospital’s commitment to nurturing and supporting individuals at every stage of life.
“This is a rare and wonderful occurrence,” says Cyndee McGuire, President and CEO of Monadnock Community Hospital. “To have an individual born within our walls return years later to work in the same room where they were first cared for as an infant is a testament to the deep-rooted connections that our hospital fosters within the community.”
The hospital’s centennial year continues to be a time of reflection, gratitude, and forward-looking initiatives. As Monadnock Community Hospital remains committed to providing exceptional care and support to the community, Jackie’s story embodies the spirit of healthcare excellence, community engagement, and compassionate service that has defined the hospital for the past 100 years. Jackie’s journey serves as a reminder that the bonds formed within these walls extend far beyond the walls themselves.

Congratulations to the Gosline Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the Peter Gosline Scholarship Winners

Pictured from left to right: Kiara Burak from Cardiac Rehab, Samantha Walker from the Operating Room, and Melissa French from the Marketing Department are photographed with MCH Board Chair, James Callahan and President & CEO Cyndee McGuire. Not pictured are winners Emily Holman from the Operating Room, Carrie Arsenault from the Emergency Department and Natalie Tremblay from Dietary Services.

MCH Golf Tournament Success

Golf tournament volunteers

MCH Celebrates 27th Annual Golf Tournament, Raising Over $81K for Financial Assistance Program

Monadnock Community Hospital’s 27th Annual Fall Foliage Golf Classic was an incredible success and raised over $81,000, thanks to the tremendous support of over 50 corporate and individual sponsors. Featuring 133 players, and supported by 30 volunteers, this year’s tournament was held on September 8th at Crotched Mountain Golf Club in Francestown.
Funds raised annually through the tournament contribute to MCH’s Financial Assistance Program, which supports around 1,800 patients each year who need help to pay their medical bills. In 2022, MCH provided $16,817,000 through community benefit programs, with over $480,000 going to the MCH Financial Assistance Program.
MCH extends a grateful “Thank You” to Hutter Construction, who has been the tournament’s major sponsor for the past 17 years. “We are so grateful to Hutter Construction and all of our sponsors for their generous support of MCH. The Tournament was the last in a series of special Centennial Events celebrating 100years since the Hospital doors opened in June, 1923. Thanks to community support, our hospital is stronger than ever as we head into our second century of caring for our community!” said Cyndee McGuire, President and CEO of MCH.
Tournament Sponsors include:

  • Hutter Construction Corporation
  • Overlook Farm
  • D.S. Huntington Company, LLC
  • Belletetes, Inc.
  • Little Lambs International
  • David Wendell Associates
  • Academy Roofing
  • Sodexo, Inc.
  • Granite State Plumbing & Heating
  • New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc.
  • Brennan & Pike
  • Catholic Medical Center
  • Communicators Group
  • Connection
  • Edmunds Ace Hardware
  • Lincoln Financial Groups
  • Monadnock Paper Mill
  • Orr & Reno, P.A.
  • RBC Wealth Management
  • Warrenstreet Architects, Inc.

This year’s tournament resulted in a win by Team Spaulding with an impressive 18under in the scramble format tournament. Team Spaulding players included Keith Fait, TJ McGuire, Tim Wholey and Travis Spaulding. In true community spirit, Team Spaulding generously donated their winnings back to MCH.

Health and Wellness Seminars

Don’t miss the great educational events happening at Monadnock Community Hospital.
Common Shoulder Problems and Simple At Home Solutions Seminar

Common Shoulder Problems and Simple At-Home Solutions

Shoulder Wellness: Injury Prevention Seminar

Shoulder Wellness: Injury Prevention


IRA Minimum Distribution

Donate Through Your IRA for a Tax-Free Way to Support MCH!
Individuals 70 1/2 and older can donate all, or a portion of, their annual Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) directly to MCH. Since RMDs are considered ordinary income, this distribution may push an individual into a higher tax bracket even if they do not need the additional income. A Qualified Charitable Distribution allows charitable distributions from an IRA to be sent directly to a qualified charity, like MCH. This allows the donor to exclude the gift amount from their taxable income and they do not need to pay income taxes on the distribution either! If you aren’t dependent on your IRA for income this year, please consider contributing your Required Minimum Distribution to MCH. It is a simple and an excellent tax-effective way to support your community hospital!
For more information, please call Laura Gingras at (603) 924-4666.
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