Surgeons prepare for surgery view of gloved hands putting scissors on pan
Surgical Services

If a patient needs same day or short-term, in-patient surgery, MCH offers high quality, personalized medical care. There are over 15 surgeons who perform a wide range of surgeries and three assisting anesthesiologists. Demand for surgical services has increased over the years, especially in orthopaedics, which now represents 33% of all surgery at MCH. MCH also provides surgery in the areas of:

  • Endoscopy/Colonoscopy
  • General Surgery
  • OB/GYN
  • Orthopedics
  • Pain Management
  • Wound Healing Center

All staff in the OR and Central Sterile Processing are certified in their specialty signifying a commitment to excellence that contributes to patient care and safety.

All of our qualified operating room registered nurses and surgical technologists have their clinical specialty certification. Earning a specialty clinical credential is accomplished through study and preparation regime which culminates in a comprehensive exam of their mastery of a rigorous body of clinical knowledge. Clinical specialty credentialing not earned easily; it is also a mark of distinction and is a highly sought after personal as well as professional accomplishment.

Monadnock hospital operating nurses have also earned the distinction of CNOR strong in 2017 and 2018.

This staff of highly-skilled and compassionate perioperative nurses and surgical technologists are knowledgeable about the latest in surgical technologies and know how to operate high-tech equipment. Many of our registered nurses have lengthy tenures in the department.

Quality care is the first priority of this busy department and they must adhere to tight state and federal requirements. In addition to a stringent sterilization regimen, the department must comply with a lengthy list of environmental requirements. Measuring quality outcomes is an important part of the department’s numerous ongoing patient safety initiatives.