Wound Healing Center at MCH
Wound Healing Center

The Wound Healing Center at MCH

The Wound Healing Center, located at Monadnock Surgical Associates in the Medical Arts Building Suite 201 offers a comprehensive approach for treating patients with sores and wounds that are not healing. The program is part of a network of facilities across the country specializing in the treatment of chronic wounds. The Center is using an interdisciplinary team of highly skilled and specially trained clinical staff.

The clinical staff thoroughly assesses each patient’s underlying causes that lead to chronic sores and wounds. After each assessment, the treatment plan is individualized to meet the specific needs of the patient. The plan of care may include surgery in the clinic, advanced wound dressings that promote faster healing, infection control, and referrals for surgery. Also, patients and their families/caregivers are taught how to care for their wounds at home to further facilitate faster and more permanent healing.

For more information, call the Wound Clinic at Monadnock Surgical Associates 603-924-1735.