Emergency department employee
Emergency Department
State of The Art Facility

Sarah Hogate Bacon Emergency Services Department 

State of the art emergency room for our community.

A very impressive place for very important people like you.

When you or someone you love has a medical emergency, you want the best care available. And now that care is available right here in our community, at the new Sarah Hogate Bacon Emergency Services Department at Monadnock Community Hospital.

The MCH emergency room represents an impressive advance in patient care for our community. In addition to increased capacity, we can now offer patients more privacy. More lifesaving technology. And faster admissions. Everything that our community – and you — deserve.

Greeted and cared for the moment you arrive

Coming to the emergency room can be very stressful for patients and families. We understand. That’s why, when you arrive at our new emergency room you will be greeted and cared for immediately upon your arrival – and with our new bedside check-in we’ll get you admitted as soon as possible.

The doctor is IN … 24 hours a day

You should never have to wait to see an emergency room doctor – and at MCH, you won’t. We offer 24-hour physician coverage to ensure that all of our patients get the expert diagnoses and care they need.

Beautiful patient rooms, waiting areas and offices

A great emergency room should be as comfortable and private as possible, and ours fits the bill, with private patient rooms, tastefully decorated waiting rooms and family areas, a beautifully efficient nurses’ station – even a specially dedicated office space for EMTs to write reports.

We’re here for you

You may never need to visit our new emergency room…and we hope you don’t. But if you do, isn’t it nice to know that the advanced care you need is right here in our community, 24/7?

With a little help from our friends

The Sarah Hogate Bacon Emergency Services Department at MCH could not have been built without the generous support of our community.