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Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH)


Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) is a novel approach to filling some of the gaps in the healthcare system. It utilizes emergency medical service providers in non-traditional roles to help improve population health, reduce costs per capita, and improve the experience of care. 

  • The MIH program at MCH is patient-centered and focused around primary care. Our highly educated and board certified community paramedics (CPs) work directly with the patient’s primary care provider (PCP) to increase access to primary care and mitigate transportation and technology challenges.
  • The MIH program is an innovative and comprehensive program that provides many services to our patients.
  • MIH works with PCPs to help patients successfully transition from a hospital admission or skilled nursing facility back into the community to prevent readmissions.
  • Our skilled Community Paramedics can provide support for patients who have a high number of avoidable emergency department visits by connecting them with resources.
  • The MIH program also supports many aspects of primary care by being their eyes, ears, and hands within the patient’s home.
  • Being a hospital-based program has substantial benefits. Our Community Paramedics (CPs) are able to document directly in your health record.
  • This allows real time collaboration between your PCP and the Community Paramedic.
  • The CPs are also able to bring your current medication list, allergies, and past medical history up to date for your PCP.