A Trip Down Memory Lane: 1950-1970

A time of expansion in the hospital’s history.

MCH Anniversary Series 1971-1991

The early years of the Hospital saw significant advances in the science of anesthesia, from the introduction of anesthesia machines in the 1930s to new, safer anesthetic drugs, devices that made intubation safer and more effective, and the introduction of the first intravenous anesthetics.


$2 office visit

($24.29 adjusted)

$3 house call

($36.43 adjusted)

In the 1950s Dr. Albert Chandler performed house calls which equaled his time spent in office appointments. He charged $2 per office visit ($24.29 adjusted rate today) or $3 per house call ($36.43 adjusted.)

Early on the Hospital was made to look as much like a cheerful home as possible, with a small kitchen on each floor. The rooms had fireplaces and carpets for comfort. The reception room had comfortable seating and often had fresh flowers. The old reception room is now the library and looks much the same.

Average per patient day during 1960s inflation:

Short term, general, and special hospitals

$41.58 ($397.67 adjusted*)


$38.84 ($371.46 adjusted*)

In the 1960s rapid population growth in the Monadnock region led to a hospital census at 100%. There was a shortage of patient rooms available. A fundraising campaign for a major million dollar expansion began in 1963. The average contribution from the community was $940 ($8,990.08 adjusted*) from doctors, $320 ($3,060.45 adjusted*) from small businesses, $97 ($927.70 adjusted*) from local families, and $75 ($717.29 adjusted*) from employees. On March 23, 1965 groundbreaking ceremonies were held. The addition increased capacity to 75 beds from the 1949 expansion leaving MCH with 55 beds.

1963 capital campaign average contributions:

$940 ($8,990.08 adjusted*)

Small businesses
$320 ($3,060.45 adjusted*)

Local families
$97 ($927.70 adjusted*)

$75 ($717.29 adjusted*)

At the close of the fundraising campaign Dr. George Stewart said: “We are aware not only of the out-poured generosity of the living givers but, at the same time, are reminded also of the superb people who have befriended this institution in years that are gone and who have left us as grateful legatees some portion of their spirit. Over and above that material resources given by such citizens is the sense of trusteeship, the responsibility for the common good, the traits of character they have bestowed to help build in the community its distinguishing character as a worthy region. For all of these we are truly grateful.”

In the 1960s the Hospital’s Auxiliary supplied 5-inch television sets that could be rolled into patient rooms on a cart for $1 a day ($9.89 adjusted*). In 1964 the New Hampshire Philharmonic Orchestra began playing a benefit for the hospital each year. In 1968 a Chrysanthemum Ball was first held as a fundraiser. They were the first black tie, gala raising funds for MCH. The attendance fee was $10 per person ($84.10 adjusted*). In 1973 the Golden Anniversary Ball celebrated the 50th anniversary.

*adjusted for 2022 dollars

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