Monadnock Behavioral Health Services
Embracing Hope Together: A Community Seminar on Suicide Prevention

MCH recognizes the connection between physical, mental and emotional health. Located right on the Monadnock Community Hospital Campus, our expert team of seasoned professionals offer our Monadnock Region community convenient, comprehensive outpatient psychotherapy, medication evaluation and monitoring, coping skills education, and psychological testing to all ages from childhood to seniors.

Whether your symptoms are due to times of significant change and loss or are indicative of a major mental illness, we can assist you with increasing the quality of your life through individual, family, group, or couples counseling.

We offer timely treatment for a full-range of emotional and mental health issues like symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood disorders, substance use, personal crises, stress related disorders, and relationship conflicts. Let our staff of board certified psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, licensed psychologists, and clinical social workers assist you with easing the strain you are under whether it is due to a mental illness, life’s stressors, or a combination of both.  We have Behavioral Health members who work with your Primary Care team.

For a confidential intake appointment call 924-4690.