Community Service Initiatives at MCH

Community Service
Community Service Initiatives at MCH
Community Service

Each year, MCH seeks to make the Monadnock Region a healthier place to live by identifying new and changing healthcare needs, then developing a strategy to address some of the most pressing issues. In addition, no one is turned away who is in need of medical care. Our mission is to provide health care for everyone in our community, regardless of their ability to pay. Some examples of our efforts to reach beyond traditional hospital services include:

  • Providing services to patients unable to pay ( $10,870,000 in 2017).
  • Offering access to medication, free or at reduced cost — millions of dollars in medicine has been dispensed since the “Medication Bridge” program was started in 2002.
  • Offering programs such as Monadnock Healthy Teeth which helps children in Preschool through High School to get off to a good start, regardless of family access to dental health care.
  • Provide training for community agencies, such as local volunteer fire and rescue personnel.
  • Offer prevention and wellness education, from smoking cessation to dealing with stress.
  • Screenings and clinics for important health issues such as breast cancer.
  • Supplying information and support regarding timely health topics.
  • Offer behavioral health (Substance use & mental health) trainings to the community through Be The Change
  • Offer space for community organization to meet, including local support groups.