Monadnock Healthy Teeth

Dental Health for All from Infancy through High School and Beyond

Welcome to Monadnock Healthy Teeth. We are a public health program within the Social Services Department at Monadnock Community Hospital. Since 2003 we have focused on dental health and wellness for children and their families in the Monadnock region. Monadnock Healthy Teeth (MHT) has several specific programs: Healthy Beginnings; Healthy Teeth in preschool, elementary school, middle school, and high school; and dental assistance for adult patients of Monadnock Community Hospital (MCH). Assistance with enrollment in NH Children’s Medicaid is offered to all families. For over 15 years, MHT has provided a continuum of oral health care for children and their families.

Our objective is to ensure that each child in our service area is free from dental pain and seen regularly by a dental professional.  Adult patients of MCH are referred to the Greater Nashua Dental Connection for oral care.

Healthy Beginnings Prenatal Program:

Dental disease is the most common chronic childhood disease in the United States! The goal of Healthy Beginnings is to educate pregnant women about the importance of dental health before, during, and after pregnancy. Women who are eligible for this program will receive free prenatal vitamins during pregnancy and after delivery; calcium supplements for nursing Moms; dental education for infants, older siblings, and families; and Dental Care Kits. Dental care for infants is introduced at this time.

Preschool & Elementary School:

MHT offers age-appropriate classroom education and preventive dental services, including: dental screenings and cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants, instruction on dental hygiene, temporary fillings, assistance with insurance enrollment, and referrals to local dentists. With parental permission, these services are offered to all eligible students.

Middle School & High School:

One-on-one oral health education is offered to middle and high school children.  With parental permission, preventive dental services, as stated above, are offered to eligible students.

Currently, MHTTT serves approximately 3,000 children in the Monadnock region; 24 public schools including preschool through high school, Head Start programs, and Community Centers. All families are assisted with enrollment in New Hampshire Children’s Medicaid and referrals to local dentists who accept Medicaid.

Adult Dental Care:

Via a referral from their primary care clinician, adult patients of MCH will be referred to the Greater Nashua Dental Connection. The first two visits are paid by MCH; 1) dental exam and x-rays, 2) dental cleaning. If possible, other treatment referrals are arranged for adults. We are happy to support those adults who do not have dental insurance and will offer local resources that best fit specific needs.

MHT Program Staff:

Louise Danforth, Program Coordinator, oversees MHTT and is responsible for the development, organizational logistics, and implementation of each program. She is the community liaison, collaborating with national, state, local, school, and community partners to ensure the success of the program.

louise.danforth@mchmail.org (603) 924-4699, ext. 1108

Amanda Washburn RDH, CPHDH, provides preventive dental care, education, and professional guidance to children, families and the community regarding the importance of appropriate oral health.

Amanda.Washburn@mchmail.org (603) 924-4699, ext. 4303

Alexandra Davison, Resource Coordinator, available to assist children and their families with various insurance options, including eligibility for and enrollment in NH Children’s Medicaid.

alexandra.davison@mchmail.org (603) 924-1794

Lindsey Rains, Resource Assistant, assists children and their families with various insurance options, including eligibility for and enrollment in NH Children’s Medicaid.

lindsey.rains@mchmail.org    (603) 924-1095