Hospital Patient Experience

MCH Patient Experience
Hospital Patient Experience

You need to trust that you are safe, valued, and understood when you visit your doctor or hospital. MCH is committed to raising the bar for community hospitals and providing exceptional care to all our patients.

You have the right to make informed decisions about your care. We invite you to learn how we measure our success.

How does MCH compare to other hospitals?

Hospitals across the nation ask their patients about their inpatient experience using the same survey, and they report this information on the Hospital Compare website. At MCH, we value knowing how our patients perceive our inpatient services, and we use this information to help us improve.

Patient Survey Rating 

Latest data from the Hospital Compare website: (surveys from 11/2023).

What this data means to us

We are strong in many areas. People know our hospital will be clean and expect they will get help when they need it. Help us build a better care system for you and your family and keep providing feedback. We listen and read it all, both positive comments and concerns.

Some examples of what we changed based on patient feedback:

  • Our Orthopaedic practice implemented new scheduling to reduce wait time for appointments.
  • In the Emergency Department, we responded to the need for increased communication about wait times.
  • We have focused on improving employee engagement and safety because safe and satisfied employees make better care givers.
  • We are working to help patients better understand the discharge process in our Medical Surgical Unit.

What it can mean for you

MCH works with an outside service (Press Ganey) to offer these surveys so that we can make certain they are reliable and comparable to other institutions. You can visit the Hospital Compare website and see how we perform relative to over 4,000 other hospitals in our country. This information can help you choose the hospital that meets your needs, and it can help you learn how to be a more effective part of your own health care team. We want patients to work with us both when they are visiting and afterward to help us improve. If you haven’t seen a nurse wash hands, please ask if it was done. If you need more clear information about your medications, please let us know.

Other ways we measure success and identify areas for improvement include: