One of the many ways Monadnock Community Hospital (MCH) serves the people of the Monadnock Region is through our rehabilitation services. MCH offers programs for cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy, and speech rehabilitation.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders with the primary goal of improving movement and function; expanding movement potential; and relieving pain. Physical therapy is offered through the MCH Rehabilitation Department which provides outpatient and inpatient services to patients of all ages from infants to geriatrics.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy includes the evaluation, treatment and client/caregiver consultation regarding life tasks that are meaningful to the individual. Environmental factors are assessed and modified as needed including adaptation of the home or living environment; training in the use of adaptive equipment; and the fabrication and skilled application of orthotic devices.

Speech Therapy

The speech-language pathology department at MCH treats a broad range of disorders.  We work with people who have difficulty talking or understanding language, difficulty swallowing, and with people who have cognitive, reading or writing disorders.  Evaluation services include the full range of speech and language disorders, clinical swallowing assessment and modified barium swallow.  Our patients’ diagnoses include stroke, head injury, concussion, head and neck cancer, laryngectomy, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, MS, developmental disorders, and related disorders of communication and swallowing.  Home program is usually an integral part of the treatment plan.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is a medically prescribed and supervised rehabilitation program for those individuals with a cardiac condition or who may be prone to heart disease due to risk factors. The 12-week outpatient program combines behavioral modification, health education classes, and monitored exercise to reduce cardiac risk factors. Cardiac rehabilitation has three main features: education, exercise and support.

Pulmonary Fitness

Pulmonary Fitness at MCH is a comprehensive outpatient exercise and educational program specifically designed for patients with chronic lung disease. The goal of the program is to help patients with lung disease and breathing problems achieve a better and more enjoyable quality of life through exercise, education, and support.