Video: Common Shoulder Problems and At-Home Solutions Seminar with Dr. Shawn P. Harrington 2023

Common Shoulder Problems and At-Home Solutions Seminar
October 12, 2023 at Monadnock Community Hospital
Presenter: Dr. Shawn P. Harrington, MD, FAAPMR

Part of the Health & Wellness Seminars at Monadnock Community Hospital (MCH)

Dr. Harrington has been this community’s Physiatrist and Musculoskeletal Specialist at Monadnock Orthopaedic Associates for the past two decades. He will review common shoulder pains we all experience, some options for self-care, and reasons to seek medical consultation. This workshop is directed toward anyone with interest in or personal experience with shoulder pain, whether from wear-and-tear, an old injury, athletics, or aging. Interactive discussion is welcome.

Dr. Harrington’s practice as a board-certified Musculoskeletal Physician is grounded in thorough diagnostic evaluation and treatment with 20 years of experience. He seeks to define a problem and then offers options and choices to guide patients toward a course of treatment all parties can agree on, leading to the best possible outcome. Recognizing that not every first choice leads to success, he establishes plans with patients that help bring about their goals.

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Health and Wellness Seminars Common Shoulder Problems and Simple At Home Solutions

At Monadnock Community Hospital, we are dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of our community. This seminar is just one way we strive to elevate the health of our community by providing accessible, high-quality care.

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