Share Your MCH Story

Share Your MCH Story

Share Your MCH Story

Help us learn more about the people who come through our doors and partner with us each day to meet our mission. MCH wants to hear from you, and your story can educate and inspire other patients and staff.

After you submit your story, we will review your submission and contact you. Please be aware that we share as many stories and we can with our leadership and staff, and some with the public. We cannot guarantee that we will share all stories.

if you have any questions, please review our FAQ and contact us at with additional questions.

Share Your Story FAQs

Will I receive compensation for my story?

We are sorry, but we cannot pay or offer any financial compensation for stories.

Will you post and publish all stories?

No, we may choose not to move forward with some stories. It may be that we have a similar story displayed, or other reasons. We reserve the right not to move forward with any story.

What if I had a negative experience as part of my story?

Especially if you feel there was learning, it may make an important story for us to hear. We can learn a lot from when something does not go as expected or planned. Telling a story with difficult elements should NEVER impact your care here.

Please note, the “Share your MCH Story” page is not meant for filing a complaint though. If you want to file a complaint about your care or experience here, please contact our Main Desk (603-924-7191).

How long until I hear from you?

Our goal is to respond to you within one month of your story submission.

Will everyone know my name?

We will only use your first name and last initial. That said, your story may contain information that could identify you. When we contact you, if we move forward with your story, we will discuss what we can share and review the disclosure forms we require before sharing it with the public.

May I send a photo?

When we contact you, we can respond to this question.

Will you edit my story?

Yes, we may edit your story. You have the right to review copies before they are published.