Radiology / Diagnostic Imaging

Radiology / Diagnostic Imaging

Radiology services at Monadnock Community Hospital (MCH) are technologically advanced and offer extensive imaging services which are not often found in a small community hospital. Services include:


MCH is able to offer a state-of-the-art 1.5 Tesla Philips MRI Scanner onsite. This MRI scanner allows for faster scanning and more complex procedures. The MRI scanner has received rave reviews from referring physicians for its quality images, which help to improve the accuracy of diagnosis.

CT Scan

CT is equipped with a Toshiba 32-slice high-speed helical scanner capable of very short exam times, while providing superb quality diagnostic images. This is excellent for routine CT exams as well as vascular studies, or scans requiring software manipulations such as 3D reconstructions. CT is used to image all parts of the body and is extremely useful for trauma cases. CT scanning is available around the clock for patients with emergency needs.

Diagnostic Radiology

Staffed 24 hours a day, MCH has three modern GE® radiographic rooms which can perform a wide range of exams – from imaging the skeletal system to imaging the digestive and urinary tracts, and reproductive organs.

Nuclear Medicine

Procedures are performed on a GE Dual Head Infinia/Xerleris Gamma Camera. Exams are performed after administration of an isotope. The camera tracks normal and abnormal isotope activity throughout the body or organ in question. The Gamma Camera, is capable of providing all patients including cardiac and oncology patients with timely care and treatment closer to home. This includes Lymphoscintigraphy, an exam that locates abnormal lymph nodes in melanoma and breast cancer patients. If any additional information is needed please contact the Nuclear Medicine Department at 603-924-4699 ext. 4127

Mobile PET/CT and Mobile MRI

This service is provided by Alliance Mobile Imaging. The service is available at Monadnock community Hospital every other Tuesday. Multiple oncology procedures are performed as well as Brain imaging for various diagnostic evaluations. If any additional information is needed please contact the Nuclear Medicine Department at 603-924-4699 ext. 4127

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