Information for the Community

Information for the Community
COVID-19 Vaccine

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly impacted us all, but there is light at the end of the tunnel now that a COVID-19 vaccine has been developed.

This page is designed to provide you with information about the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in New Hampshire in terms of eligibility, registration, clinic locations, and more.

Looking for a specific COVID-19 vaccine product? 

NH residents who are looking for a specific COVID-19 vaccine can now go to: where you can choose your product and enter a zip code to find a location and date nearest you.

Click for a list of local pharmacies offering the COVID-19 vaccine

In the News

What that means for us in the Monadnock Region

  • Please be patient. This recommendation is new.  Across NH, details around the availability and scheduling of a 3rd dose remains a work in-progress.  We’ll let you know as soon as those details become available.
  • In the meantime, thank you for being patient. Please also maintain hand hygiene and physical distancing, whenever possible. Mask wearing remains a very important deterrent.
  • People inquiring about a third dose can also reach out to a local pharmacy, or online at to monitor options through

Drive-Thru Vaccine Clinic FAQs

Does it cost any money?
No, all COVID-19 vaccines are provided free of charge.

Do I need to put in health insurance information? Can I be vaccinated without health insurance?
No insurance information is needed or required.

What vaccine will be provided?
Janssen (Johnson & Johnson available for those 18 years of age and older) and Pfizer for those interested or under the age of 18.

How old does my child need to be to participate?
Each vaccine recipient needs to be 12 years of age or older at the time of the clinic (August 21, 2021).

If I choose Pfizer, when will I receive my second dose?
The Pfizer vaccine doses are provided 3 weeks (21 days) apart and there will be a second dose clinic at MCH on (need date). Second dose appointments can be booked on site after your first dose. You can also log into VINI and choose a location/date/time of your choice.

Can my 16/17 year old go to the vaccine clinic on their own?
Yes, if you have completed the COVID-19 vaccine consent in VINI prior to the appointment.

NH Residents Currently Eligible for Vaccination

> APRIL 2nd  ALL NH Residents 16 years old and above


NH COVID-19 Vaccine Info Website >

NH COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ’s Link: Frequently Asked Questions | NH Vaccine Strategy

Vaccine Registration

If you are a New Hampshire resident 65 years of age or older:

If you are New Hampshire resident age 16-64 with 2 or more of the high risk health conditions listed above, and ARE a patient of MCH:

  • You do not need to call your provider at this time. We have submitted your information to the State and you will be contacted directly by the State within 5-7 days, with an invitation to schedule your appointment.
  • The email will be from this account: Please make sure this email address is not blocked or sent to your spam filter or junk mail folder.

If you are New Hampshire resident age 16-64 with 2 or more of the high risk health conditions above, and ARE NOT a patient of MCH:

  • You may also be vaccinated at the State-run vaccination sites, with confirmation by your physician that you have 2 or more high-risk health conditions.
  • Please note: Your physician cannot advocate for you to receive a vaccine sooner. The State of NH schedules vaccine appointments on a first-come, first-served basis, as online registrations are received. 

NOTE: Appointments to be vaccinated at state-run vaccination sites began on January 26th and will depend on the availability of the vaccine as it is distributed to the State.

Once registering with the State, you will be notified of your ability to schedule an appointment by email within 5 days. If you do not receive an email within that time frame, please check your spam/junk folder, or call 2-1-1 for further support.

NH COVID-19 Vaccine Info Website >

NH Vaccination Clinics

A network of State-run Vaccination Clinics are currently being rolled-out as vaccination plans across NH quickly develop. These include 13 current locations, listed below.

Note: When registering, we strongly encourage you to sign-up for the first available appointment on the State’s website –even if that appointment requires travel to a clinic in another part of the state. Do not wait in the hopes that an appointment will become available in a clinic closer to your home. Wait times for an available appointment, across the state are expected to grow

  • Keene (Greater Monadnock)
  • Concord (Capital Area)
  • Nashua (Greater Nashua)
  • Claremont (Sullivan)
  • Exeter (Seacoast)
  • Hooksett (Greater Manchester)
  • Laconia (Winnipesaukee)
  • Tamworth (Carroll County)
  • Littleton (North Country)
  • Londonderry (South Central)
  • Plymouth (Central NH)
  • Rochester (Strafford County)

Please note: All vaccinations at State-run Clinics require prior registration. No walk-in vaccinations are allowed. No exceptions.

NH COVID-19 Vaccine Info Website >

Sign Up For COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

Those who sign up will receive health information from Monadnock Hospital including important details about COVID-19, the availability of a vaccine and how to access vaccines once they are distributed.

Please note: completing this form does not register you to receive the vaccine. Those details can be found in the section above, “Vaccine Registration.”

  • By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive public relations emails from: Monadnock Hospital, 452 Old Street Road Peterborough, NH 03458, US, You can revoke your consent to receive emails at any time by using the Unsubscribe link, found at the bottom of every email.

What You Need to Know


Vaccinations for New Hampshire residents began on January 26 and will continue for be administered as outlined in the three-phase plan at the top of this page. Eligible NH residents can register for and schedule vaccination appointments by visiting the NH COVID-19 Vaccine Info Website or by dialing 2-1-1.


Vaccination will help you build protection against COVID-19 and help prevent you from becoming sick and potentially spreading the virus to others. Since there is no cure for COVID-19, prevention of infection is the primary way to reduce the spread of illness.


There are no out-of-pocket costs to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccine doses were purchased with U.S. taxpayer dollars and will be given to the American people at no cost.

COVID-19 Vaccine | Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

Vaccinations for New Hampshire residents began on January 26 and will continue for be administered as outlined in the three-phase plan at the top of this page. Eligible NH residents can register for and schedule vaccination appointments by visiting the NH COVID-19 Vaccine Info Website or by dialing 2-1-1.

How do I register for my vaccine?

Visit the NH COVID-19  Vaccine Info page to register for your vaccine.

Is the vaccine safe?

All the data from clinical trials collected to date indicate that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are safe. Both vaccines have undergone extensive clinical trials that tested for safety and efficacy before submission of application to the FDA for Emergency Use Authorization.

What are the common side effects?

Common side effects include:

  • injection site pain, swelling, or redness
  • tiredness
  • feeling unwell
  • headache
  • muscle pain
  • chills
  • joint pain
  • fever.
  • nausea
  • swollen lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy)

Before being vaccinated, you will receive a COVID-19 Vaccine Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Fact Sheet which will include important information about the vaccine. You should read this Fact Sheet carefully.

Do I need to continue wearing my mask after I receive the vaccine?

Yes. While experts learn more about the protection that COVID-19 vaccines provide under real-life conditions, it will be important for everyone to continue using all the tools available to us to help stop this pandemic, including covering your mouth and nose with a mask, washing hands often, and staying at least 6 feet away from others.

Together, COVID-19 vaccination and following the CDC’s recommendations for how to protect yourself and others will offer the best protection from getting and spreading COVID-19.

Where can I get more information?

We understand that there are many questions and we encourage you to consult the following websites for additional information:

Statewide COVID-19 Hotline

NH residents with questions or concerns surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak can call 2-1-1