Coaching FAQs:

Q: How is coaching different from personal training?

A: A trainer focuses on analyzing your fitness needs and desires and then teaches you the components of an individualized program.  He/she will work in person with you, checking your form and teaching you how to progress your program.  In contrast, a coach works to get to know you and your core values.  This provides the basis for producing a compelling vision of future wellness.  You partner with your coach to co-create the path to that future, developing strategies and supporting actions for success. 

Q: Is coaching like therapy?

A: No, a coach is not a therapist.  While a therapist will help clients work through past issues that may be affecting the present, a coach focuses on the present and helps clients move toward their future vision through an action oriented process.  Coaches do not make diagnoses and may recommend the use of a therapist if appropriate.

Q: How long do people work with a coach?

A: The number of sessions you need to reach your goals will depend on how far you want to progress and how quickly you progress.  First time clients must initially be ready to commit to a three-month timeframe, and often they stay with a coach as they identify more areas in which they want to work.  The coaching relationship can continue as long as there is benefit to the client.

Q: I don’t want anyone knowing what I talk about during my coaching sessions – how can I feel safe about this?

A: The coach-client relationship is strictly confidential.  All conversations and personal information will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Q: What services are included in coaching?

A: One-on-one coaching sessions, either in person, or via the telephone are the main services provided.  In addition, email is used for communication between sessions, reminders, answering questions, providing resources and other helpful information.

Q: What does coaching cost?

A: Since every client has individual needs and challenges we offer several packages, which vary in cost according to the number of sessions included.  Contact us to determine which package bests suits your specific needs.

Call 924-4650 for details or fill out our online request form for more information.

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