Local Partners Give Temporary Housing to MCH Staff During COVID-19

As part of MCH’s surge planning, a need was identified for housing of staff members who live with an immune-compromised family member.  Staff members living with someone in a high-risk category may wish to stay apart from their normal home while working at MCH to minimize risk of exposure for their loved one.  Over one month ago, MCH was contacted by the MacDowell Colony in Peterborough, and The Barbara C. Harris Center in Greenfield.  Both organizations are closed to their normal guests and offered use of their campuses for housing MCH staff members, free of charge.  This option has been a godsend for MCH staff needing a place to stay for the short term.  They have a comfortable and peaceful place to stay while working hard at MCH.  And they have the added peace of mind knowing that they are not going to potentially expose a loved one in a high-risk category. “It’s just great that these two amazing facilities have offered such generosity to our staff.  This is one of many examples of how the community has rallied behind MCH to support our healthcare workers.  And it’s the kind of partnership that you see in a small community” said Cyndee McGuire, President and CEO of MCH. Several other local lodging facilities have offered their rooms to MCH at reduced rates.