If you are planning to travel to a third world country or a tropical island outside of the Caribbean, you should plan on visiting a travel clinic and seeing a qualified Travel Medicine Specialist. In addition to having license to administer immunizations, these physicians offer travelers a wealth of knowledge on making healthy choices and staying safe.

Dr. Richard Frechette is a Travel Medicine Specialist at Monadnock Community Hospital.

Dr. Frechette suggests providing the following information to the physician: a complete itinerary, living accommodations; food sources; and planned or possible activities. The itinerary should also include each country to be visited and the regions you plan to visit. These distinctions are important because immunization requirements can vary from region to region.

The best time to visit a travel clinic is about four weeks before a trip, since many vaccinations take that long to become effective. To schedule a travel clinic appointment with Dr. Frechette, call Monadnock Family Care at 924-4664.