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“Coming from a larger city, we were impressed with the innovative maternity services that provide a wide range of choices and the home-like, personal setting.”

—Tonya and Steve, from Francestown, NH
(Shown with baby Gus)

Because every birth is a unique and individual experience, our doctors, nurses and staff are here to help you give birth in your own special way. At the Birthing Suite, you have access to a wide range of birthing options – from natural childbirth to full epidural anesthesia and any combination in-between – 24 hours a day. And the individualized attention you will receive with our personalized nursing care will provide the comfort, caring and medical expertise you need throughout your labor.

Monadnock Community Hospital Birthing Suite
For more information or to schedule a tour, please call the Birthing Suite at 924-7191 x4170.



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