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2014 - 2015 REPORT TO OUR COMMUNITY Connecting With Our Community Connecting with our community. One patient at a time. A hospital is a busy place. Our hallways are filled with purposeful people engaged in their mission of caring. Doctors nurses technicians dieticians volunteers accounting business and maintenance professionalsit takes a lot of dedicated people to keep a great hospital and our physician practices running And every one of us is here for one reason to serve you our patients. This past year was a banner one for MCH. We were named one of the top 100 Critical Access Hospitals in the United States by iVantage Analytics which measures 62 different performance metrics including quality outcomes patient perspective and affordability in the industrys most comprehensive rating process. We also were able to realize our dream of completely renovating our Birthing Suite. Our beautiful new unit is not only comfortable and welcoming its also equipped with features designed to make giving birth a safe and joyful experience. Lastly we unveiled plans to expand our Oncology and Infusion Therapy department. This is a huge step forward for our region. If youve known anyone coping with cancer you know that long round-trips for care can be stressful. Our new department will allow local patients to continue to receive cancer care right here in our community instead of having to travel to Keene or Lebanon for treatment. Other MCH innovations included the introduction of two exciting orthopaedic pain management optionsone high-tech and one holistic. In the high-tech arena we introduced cooled radiofrequency treatments for joint and spinal pain. And for patients seeking holistic alternatives we now offer Japanese acupuncture. We thank each and every one of you who have helped build our hospital into the vibrant organization it is today. Were so pleased to be your hospital Sincerely Cynthia K. McGuire FACHE President and CEO 1 On the cover Lara K. Niemela MD of Monadnock Regional Pediatrics with her sons Max left and Sam MCH leadership team members left to right Carole Monroe Chair of the Board of Trustees Cynthia K. McGuire President and CEO and Lucas Shippee DO Medical Director Monadnock Health Partners Innovations at MCH COOLED RADIOFREQUENCY PAIN TREATMENT DIGITAL TOMOSYNTHESIS JAPANESE ACUPUNCTURE For patients seeking a gentle clinically proven alternative to drugs or surgery MCH now offers Japanese acupuncture for the treatment of chronic pain. An acupuncture consultation can be scheduled by simply requesting a referral from a Primary Care Physician. Last spring MCH introduced Digital Tomosynthesis a new type of 3D breast imaging that delivers clear highly-focused scans of breast tissue. It also delivers impressive resultsnamely a 40 increase in detection rates and 40 fewer follow-up exams. Cooled radiofrequency is a minimally invasive treatment option for those suffering from chronic spinal or joint pain. This effective treatment uses cooled radiofrequency energy to target the sensory nerves providing relief that can last up to two years. At Monadnock Community Hospital we strive to provide the very best in patient care. In the past year we have introduced several exciting new medical services to our community. 2 Terrence McNamara DO FAAPMR FABPM VARICOSE VEIN TREATMENT Imagine having surgery with just one incision. And virtually no scars. Thats the idea behind the SILS procedurea surgical technique that replaces multiple incisions with just one incision in the belly button. SINGLE INCISION LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY SILS At MCH we take rehab and physical therapy seriously. The Bond Wellness Center is home base for a wide range of services including cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation physical and occupational therapy and speech rehabilitation. Pregnancy strain or genes can cause enlarged bulging veins. This spring MCH began offering patients safe effective laser treatment of varicose veins. For more information contact Monadnock Surgical Associates at 603 924-4668. REHABILITATION PHYSICAL THERAPY 3 Robert C. Knowles MD FACS 4 The floor-to-ceiling renovations were possible thanks to several gifts from our community including an extraordinary gift from Jan C. MacLennan-Kennedy in memory of her mother Corinne MacLennan Kennedy. Hutter Construction in New Ipswich was the general contractor for the project. Our top priority is to provide women with an extraordinary experience says Elizabeth Kester Manager of Womens and Childrens Health Services. Thanks to Jans generosity we are able to do that. In addition to completely refurbished birthing suites the unit has added a brand-new rain room hydrotherapy two large laboring tubs contemporary new furniture and other special amenities. New moms can enjoy a variety of spa-like servicesincluding Reiki massage hydrotherapy and moreand also receive a free six-month membership to The Bond Wellness Center among other gifts. Giving birth is a very personal and emotional experience says Kester. We want women who choose us to have an unforgettable experience. At the Birthing Suite our philosophy is Your life. Your baby. Your way. Our New Pride and Joy Thanks to strategic vision careful planning and the generosity of our community the Birthing Suite at MCH has undergone an impressive makeover. OUR NEW BIRTHING SUITE FEATURES One-to-one personalized care Rain room and soaking tubs Nitrous oxide and other pain management options Reiki massage hydrotherapy manicures and pedicures Six-month membership to The Bond Wellness Center Special gifts for mom and baby 5 I enjoy helping The Bond Wellness Center and MCH especially with new projects. A strong sense of community is in Hal Closes genes. In 1945 his father purchased WKNE a small radio station in Keene NH. Over the next 50 years as the Close family added to their holdings they became increasingly engaged in the local community. My father was a community- minded man who was active with a lot of local nonprofits Hal recalls. And in the1960s he became Chairman of the Board at Monadnock Community Hospital. It was something he really enjoyed and believed in. Today Hal is continuing the family tradition of supporting MCHnot through board membership but with his own unique brand of philanthropy. What I really like to do is identify a modest but important need at the Hospital and if possible provide the initial funding. Its a very satisfying way to give. In fact Hal and his sister jointly donated one of the patient rooms in MCHs new Emergency Department. Hal also donated funds to provide walking poles for Parkinsons patients at The Bond Wellness Center. I enjoy using and supporting The Bond Wellness Center says Hal. Its such a beautiful space and a real asset to our community. And the staff there especially Anne Mellor and Bernadette Stevensare very knowledgeable about exercise and physical therapy. Youre in good hands at The Wellness Centerand with anyone at MCH. 6 - Hal Close Peterborough Longtime MCH supporters Hal and Margot Close in their Peterborough home Connecting with Our Community Expanding health care access When patients in our community cant afford the care they need the Community Benets program at MCH steps in to help. In 2014 we provided 2082296 in nancial assistance to uninsured and low-income patients. We also provided 3400780 to public programs with unpaid costs such as Medicaid. Parmelee Society Anonymous Mr. John H. Adams Mr. Frank M. Almeida Mr. Robert L. Boyd Audrey B. Carvalho Dr. Richard S. Carvalho LeeAnn Clark Nancy C. Clarke Claudia Cleary-Nichols and Derick Nichols Robert and Melinda Condon Jeanne T. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Theodore B. Covert Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cronin III George Duncan Phyllis and Joseph T. Ferry Jr. Anne Sharples Frantz Laura A. Gingras and David C. Fish David A. Glynn Peter and Connie Gosline Robert Grasty Sadie Halliday Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Head Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Henneman Dr. and Mrs. Owen R. Houghton Clifford Jarest Ms. Patricia S. Johnson Sharon E. Johnson Terry R. Kilvert Mr. Frederick P. Koallick Bruce W. Larsen and Sarah H. Larsen Jan C. MacLennan-Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marvin Mr. Douglas Maynard Cynthia and Harry McGuire Virginia Merrion Mr. Stephen H. Millard Marcia Ober Mr. Charles Palmer Dorothy D. Peterson Dr. Phyllis E. Porter Dr. and Mrs. James D. Potter Benjamin Pratt and Diane Chauncey Peter and Suzanne Read Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Renna Mr. Ronald Rogstad John and Susan Roper Albert and Rolande Roy Ann Sargent Janet U. Schaefer Phyllis S. Scott Shirley G. Sherk Harriet K. Sorensen Chester Soule Judy Stockwell Eileen C. Taft Robert Taft Anne D. Twitchell C. Jerome and Doris Underwood Ms. Elsie P. van Buren Mr. and Mrs. John F. Vance Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Warner Audrey M. White and Daniel L. Keaveny Andrea J. Wood Jane Stewart Young Samuel and Linnea Zachos The Parmelee Society recognizes individuals who have included MCH in their will or estate plan. Please consider making a specific provision for Monadnock Community Hospital. If you have already made a provision please let us know so we can honor you as a member of our Parmelee Society. Parmelee Society members Marcia Ober left and Bob Boyd right with Laura Gingras Vice President of Philanthropy 7 Laura A. Gingras CPA CFRE VP of Philanthropy and Community Relations 603 924-4666 LeeAnn Clark Philanthropy and Community Relations Associate 603 924-1700 For more information about the Parmelee Society or charitable giving please contact LeeAnn Clark left and Laura Gingras MCH supports the health needs of our community in many tangible ways. In 2014 our nancial benets in support of our community totaled over 7560000 Here are a few details 2082296 in charity care and nancial assistance for uninsured and low-income patients 868628 to support community health and services for low-income families in the broader community including Monadnock Healthy Teeth to Toes Medication Bridge and The Bond Wellness Center 1066064 in subsidized health services provided including Behavioral Health Diabetes Education CardiacPulmonary Rehab and the Emergency Department 3400780 in public programs with unpaid costs Medicaid Shortfall and Disproportionate Share Shortfall 133250 in nancial and in-kind contributions to organizations throughout our community 9529 towards ParamedicEMT training 8 - Nancy Penniman RN Peterborough Were fortunate to have such caring and supportive people in our community. Connecting with Our Community Helping our local economy When Nancy Pennimans beloved partner Rene Bacallal became ill with bladder cancer the couple knew they had a tough fight ahead. But they also knew theyd be surrounded by love and support. Rene was working as a security guard at Monadnock Community Hospital when he was diagnosed Nancy says. His boss Lou Chatel totally understood what we were going through because his own father had died of bladder cancer. Everyone at MCH did all they could to help Rene. The love and kindness we received from friends and the clinical staff was overwhelming. Sadly Rene lost his battle with cancer. It was very hard says Nancy. Rene was a wonderful man and he was really loved at the Hospital. So many people from MCH showed up at his memorial service. I was so grateful for that. Today as Nancy builds a new life she stays connected with MCH and the friends she made there. Im actually always over there she says. I work out and take classes at The Bond Wellness Center and of course I get all my screenings there too. Were fortunate to have such a beautiful modern hospitalwith such caring peoplein our community. 9 Registered Nurse and MCH advocate Nancy Penniman in front of the iconic Peterborough Diner As of January 31 2015 LEGACY CIRCLE 1000000 Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Theodore S. Bacon Jr. Mr. Edward L. Bond Jr. Jan C. MacLennan-Kennedy Mr. Herbert T. Nilson CHAIRMANS CIRCLE 500000 to 1000000 Everett Clement Trust Karen Clement and Richard A. Jordan The Estate of Ann Darsie Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Gosling Nancy P. Shea Trust PRESIDENTS CIRCLE 100000 to 499999 Anonymous 2 Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Almeida Mr. Arnold J. Antak Raymond and Anne Baddour Helen Bastedo Mr. and Mrs. Theodore B. Covert Cheri and Stan Fry Grimshaw-Gudewicz Charitable Foundation Tom and Joanne Head Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Healer Jr. The Eppes - Jefferson Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John L. Lord Catherine P. Richard C. Merrill Irrevocable Fund Joseph and Virginia Merrion Monadnock Community Hospital Auxiliary Monadnock Paper Mills Inc. Peoples United Bank Theodore and Linda Renna John K. and Susan M. Roper Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sorensen State of New Hampshire for Monadnock Healthy Teeth to Toes Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Sullivan Robert Taft Elsie P. van Buren The Gilbert Verney Foundation The Window Shop at Monadock Community Hospital Miss Linda A. Witherill Deceased Elsie P. van Buren Anne Baddour Lifetime Giving Circles Through their years of generous support these benefactors have made a significant impact on the lives of our patients and community. 10 One of the most beautiful and meaningful ways to honor or remember someone you love is through a gift to Monadnock Community Hospital. To Honor and Remember Corinne MacLennan Kennedy Pat Boyd As of January 31 2015 GIFTS IN HONOR OF Tom Badgleys Mom Jean Berry Peter M. Cerroni DMD Mr. Charles H. Flanders Dr. Richard P. Frechette and Monadnock Family Care Edmond and Claire Gingras Laura Gingras Peter L. Gosline David Hedstrom DDS B. Cory Kilvert Jr. Dr. Craig H. Lauer MCH Nurses Oncology team Anna Ruelle Ignaz Semmelweis GIFTS IN MEMORY OF Theodore S. Bacon Jr. Eloy Rene Bacallao Jr. Lorraine Benoit Frank Berry Patricia A. Boyd Richard Brooks Peg and Ed Brummer Ray Burgoyne Ralph Caverly Ann P. Chase Ernestine F. Coleman Mrs. Lawrence S. Coleman William Connor William R. Cuddihee Susanne S. Culbertson Dr. and Mrs. Donald H. Davenport Angela DeBonis Louis G. and Mary Helen Nash DeBauche Richard D. Eaton William and Mary Ellerkamp Marilyn Ellis Kelly Felgar Kenneth Fredericks Alise M. Glynn Harvey Goodwin P. T. Gosselin R. Todd Grant Harold W. Graham Nancy Griswold Phillip W. Ireland Sr. Corinne MacLennan Kennedy Ellsworth Kent Pamela Lang Damon W. Lawrence Daniel Malachuk Eugene Martin Emmet and Doris Martin Timothy M. McCarthy Kenneth A. McLeod Joe Merrion Nancy Ryan Mitchell Priscilla Palmer Lucy B. Patterson Nancy Perkins Mrs. Jeanne Phillips Robert Plourd Frank and Julia Poodiack Angela-Marie Possiel Patricia Jane Pratt Sandy Rector Jon Reenstiena David A. Reilly James Ronayne Louise Shaefer Robert C. Slade Mae Spencer Robert Stewart David B. Sullivan Phyllis Tallarico Thelma Turner Edward B. Twitchell MD James E. Weafer James M. Wheeler H. Stanley Wilson Elizabeth G. Winslow Roger L. Wood Jr. 11 Building for the Future To meet the rising demand of oncology services MCH has unveiled plans to expand its Oncology and Infusion Therapy Department. The current department will be expanded from 1700 to 4000 square feet and will be relocated from the main MCH hospital building to The Bond Wellness Center. Our plan to expand our Oncology and Infusion Therapy Department will enable us to accommodate folks in the Monadnock Region seeking oncology care while also providing them with an expanded variety of treatment options says Cynthia McGuire President and CEO of MCH. Dr. Steven Larmon a longtime MCH Oncologist has been involved in the planning as well. Our goal is to make each and every patient as comfortable as we can and ensure that patients receive the best possible care says Dr. Larmon. One of the key features of the new unit will be an improved patient flow allowing clinic visitors to receive their treatments in a convenient and accessible location and infusion therapy patients to receive their care in privacy. Construction of the 1.5 million projectwhich will be funded entirely through philanthropic supportis scheduled to begin in the spring and will be completed in the fall. MCH Announces Expansion of Oncology and Infusion Therapy Department 12 Steven S. Larmon MD MCH Oncologist MCH has everything I need. Suzanne OBrien has been a registered nurse for more than 40 years. So when she felt the peach-pit lump in her breast she knew immediately that her life was going to change. Like every other woman with cancer I thought Why me Why now Suzanne recalls. From that point on things moved quickly. Within days Suzanne was scheduled for surgery at MCH with Dr. Robert Knowles. After much soul-searching she decided on a bilateral mastectomy to be followed by eight chemotherapy sessions. I was serious about eradicating the cancer says Suzanne. Suzannes surgery was successful and today she is looking forward to her final chemotherapy appointment. Shes also become an early cancer detection activist urging women to perform monthly self-examinations in addition to getting regular mammograms. My self-exam saved my life she says. For Suzanne one bright spot in her cancer journey was her experience as a patient at MCH. I was so happy to be able to get my chemotherapy right here instead of having to make a four-hour round trip to Lebanon she says. MCH has everything I need the technology the medical expertise and people who know and care about me. When you have cancer you really need to be surrounded by kind positive people says Suzanne. And at MCH I am. 13 - Suzanne OBrien New Ipswich MCH oncology patient Suzanne OBrien outside the Barrett House in New Ipswich As of January 31 2015 Anonymous 4 Eleanor N. Abel Ruby G. Allen Marion Almeida Helen D. Armitage Josefa C. Backus Mr. and Mrs. Theodore S. Bacon Jr. Marion J. Bagley Leah S. Baldwin Ellen B. Ballou Arnold C. Barker Kathleen G. Barker Clara F. Bass Robert P. Bass Sr. Helen Bastedo Doris E. Belcher Gordon K. Billipp Helen Bluhm Mr. Edward L. Bond Jr. The James Burgess Boote Fund Louisa de Bracket George H. Brooks Jr. Walter A. Bryer Phyllis S. Burt Trust Priscilla T. Campbell Marion L. Caton Phyllis M. Cleaves Everett and Margaret H. Clement The Alice Clukay Trust of 2000 Leon C. Cochran George H. and Ruth S. Colton The Mary Cormack Trust Maude D. Corser Family Trust Lois Daloz Dorothy Dalzell The Estate of Ann Darsie Elizabeth W. Davis Murray Day Viola MacLellan Day Genevieve Doran Clara M. Driscoll Lesley C. Eaton Susan Elliott Davis Charles J. Ellis Rachel P. Evans Mary L. Farrar Barbara E. Fontaine Julie F. Fremont D. Baldwin Gardner Emma E. Gipson Wendell C. Glass Ella L. Goodhue Mary Jane Grasty Jacques Pierre Harang Miss Helen F. Hazelton Mr. Theodore F. Hoffman Martha H. Hokanson Guy O. Hollis Marguerite A. S. Humphrey Trust Frank R. Hutchison Eben W. Jones John W. Jones Elizabeth Cheney Kaufmann Dr. Alice V. Keliher Phyllis Kelley Lizzie B. Kendall Kenneth E. Kepner Andrew P. Kordalewski Samuel K. Lessey The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust Mr. and Mrs. John L. Lord Mildred B. MacDuffie Theresa Booth Maley E. H. Mather and F. M. Lee Irrevocable Trust Sally K. Maynard Helene M. Meacom Cynthia A. Mears Gordon Merrill Catherine P. Richard C. Merrill Irrevocable Fund H. Joseph Merrion Howard and Martha Mitchell George Abbott Morison Robert S. Morison Louis P. Morris May H. Moulton Phyllis O. Munhall Frances E. Naramore Alf Zahl Nelson Herbert C. Nichols Warren J. Nichols Irving E. Nichols Trust Mr. Herbert T. Nilson William U. Niss Revocable Trust Nathaniel Ober Blanche E. Pearson Margaret Perry Mr. Walter Peterson Louise R. Pierson Alice W. Pool Elizabeth Porter Anna L. Pritchard John W. Pushee Dr. Margaret R. Reynolds Charles O. Richardson Herbert and Charlotte Rosell Mr. Edwin F. Rowehl Marion Lucy Sawyer Mildred S. Sawyer Ralph T. Sayles George H. Scripture Pauline F. Seguin Nancy P. Shea Trust Donald M. Sherk Annie Smith Charles Winthrop Smith Orrin F. Smith Robert H. Stanley The Leni L. Stewart Trust Mildred Stone Mr. J. Milton Street Marion L. Symmes Marion G. Symonds Mr. Alexander Zandy Taft Beatrice K. Taft Mary McKaig Taft Lena F. Taylor John C. Tenney Grace Hall Thacher Jane Olmstead Thaw Alice R. Thompson Anna B. Tibbetts Clara J. Munroe Townsend Luther T. Townsend Eleanor Tudor Karl G. Upton Helen L. Wallace Marie E. Warren John Prentiss Weston Trust Lawrence H. Wetherell Elizabeth E. Whetstone Charlotte J. White Isaac D. White Edith B. Wilcox Laura Wilder Helen R. Williams Barbara Y. Wilson Samuel D. and Dixie Wonders Fund Charlotte S. Wood Merna H. Young William LeRoy Young Living in Our Memories We honor and remember the generosity of all those no longer with us who included MCH in their will or estate. These legacy gifts regardless of size reflect the significant value our community places on local quality health care. Mr. Walter Peterson Theodore S. Bacon Jr. 14 PRESIDENTS CIRCLE 100000 Jan C. MacLennan-Kennedy Nancy P. Shea The Eppes - Jefferson Foundation Inc. FOUNDERS 50000 Karen Clement and Richard A. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Theodore B. Covert H. Joseph Merrion Virginia Merrion BENEFACTORS 25000 The Family of Ted and Sarah Bacon Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Healer Jr. Elsie P. van Buren LEADERS 10000 Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Almeida Raymond and Anne Baddour Mr. and Mrs. J. Leo Barry Cheri and Stan Fry Grimshaw-Gudewicz Charitable Foundation Tom and Joanne Head Mr. and Mrs. David J. Houston Ben Pratt and Diane Chauncey State of New Hampshire for Monadnock Healthy Teeth to Toes The Gilbert Verney Foundation Richard and Dorothy Verney BUILDERS 5000 ADHA Institute for Oral Health Reverend Ralph H. and Mary Jean Booth Bottomline Technologies Inc. Dr. Richard S. Carvalho Anne Doucet Julie Middleton and Barry West Ambassador and Mrs. Joseph C. Petrone Theodore and Linda Renna Janet Schaefer Mr. Richard Scheinblum The Wapack Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. White Jr. Miss Linda A. Witherill Samuel D. and Dixie Wonders Fund SPONSORS 1000 Anonymous 2 Academy Roofing John H. Adams Penny Arthur The Bean Family Foundation Belletetes Inc. The James Burgess Boote Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation Robert and Patricia Boyd Brennan Pike Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Brown John and Margaret Carlson Susan R. Chollet Allen and Nancy Clapp Hal and Margot Close Family Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation Mrs. Abram Collier Communicators Group Dick and Tricia Cravedi FairPoint Communications Philip Fitzpatrick MD Barbara E. Fontaine Marge and Don Fritz Ms. Laura A.Gingras and Mr. David Fish Peter and Connie Gosline Sadie Halliday Hancock Hospital Auxiliary Lin and Joe Hart Mr. David Bernstein and Ms. Susan Howard Mr. and Mrs. William L. Jackson Dr. Elizabeth A. Kerwin Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Krause Greg and Tina Kriebel David M. Lang Jack and Mary Liz Lewis Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lord Jr. Vicki and Joe Loughery Norman and Judith Makechnie Cynthia and Harry McGuire Mr. Manton B. Metcalf III Mr. Stephen H. Millard Medical Staff of Monadnock Community Hospital Monadnock Paper Mills Inc. Monadnock Rotary Club Carole D. Monroe and Charles F. Champagne Marcia Ober Mr. and Mrs. Michael ONeill William and Gretchen Orme Orr Reno PA Dorothy D. Peterson Pattie and John Petrou Julie and Garry Peyton Mr. James T. Prejsnar Magdalena Ramos RBC Wealth Management Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Robitaille John K. and Susan M. Roper Albert and Rolande Roy George F. Ruppel Jr. PhD and Michelle Urban MD Kay and Richard Ryan Mary and Bernie Schneckenburger Mr. Robert Secord Stephen Smith Sodexo Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Somero Philip and Lucille Stoddard Betty S. Stoughton Robert Taft The Serendipity Shop of All Saints Parish Anne C. Thompson Richard and Josephine Warner Mary Lou and Bob Weathers David Wendell Associates Inc. John Prentiss Weston Trust Linda Wilson Workplace Benefit Solutions Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Zachos PATRONS 500 Anonymous 9 ABM Health Inc. Alcoholics Anonymous Allen Mathewson Energy Corp. Nancy and David Barisano Joan Brush Don and Cyndy Burgess Betty Burgoyne Arnold R. Cernota Dr. and Mrs. Peter M. Cerroni D. Richard Chamberlain Cheshire Medical Center Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Crocker Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cronin III Crotched Mountain Foundation David Culbertson Susanne S. Culbertson Dr. and Mrs. Gerald M. DeBonis Raymond and Ursula Dickie Marsha Dixon Tom and Christine Doane Edmunds Hardware Mr. and Mrs. J. Roderick Falby Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. J. Fallon Mr. Allan H. Ferrin Franklin Pierce University Dr. and Mrs. Richard P. Frechette Caroline and Jerry Galus Mr. David A. Glynn Granite State PH LLC Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hammond Patti and Rick Hance Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation Elizabeth Harris Dr. David and Marilynne Hedstrom Patricia G. Hoffman Clay and Caroline Hollister Mr. Jim Ignazio Mr. and Mrs. Rene Isaac Mr. and Mrs. Quentin R. Jones Thank You To Our Contributors The following pages recognize contributors who made gifts or pledge payments between January 1 2014 and January 31 2015. 15 We believe in MCHs mission. 16 For Craig and Judy Unger-Clark their reason for supporting Monadnock Community Hospital is simple. We believe in the Hospitals mission Craig says. For 35 years the Unger- Clarks have relied on MCH for everything from primary orthopaedic OBGYN and pediatric care to specialist referrals when necessary. And for decades theyve also been generous donors to the Hospital. We know a small community hospital cant handle everything says Craig. But MCH does an outstanding job with the services they do provide and if they cant address a problem theyll refer you to the right specialist. Craig and Judy believe in the power of philanthropy to create positive changes. I know that by making a donation to MCH we can help them buy equipment and technology that can help save lives says Craig. Judy and I are strong believers in the concept of paying it forward and we feel fortunate to be able to help our community in this way. If youve ever faced a health crisis at home or work you know that paramedics and EMTs are some of the most important people in our community For these local heroes saving lives is quite literally all in a days work. In 2015 MCH provided a 20000 grant to help with professional training for local EMS personnel in our community. - Craig and Judy Unger-Clark Rindge Connecting with Our Community Training local emergency responders Craig and Judy Unger-Clark in front of their sugarhouse in Rindge Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M. Kania James Kelly Mr. and Mrs. John Kieley Jane and Steve Larmon Elizabeth LaRose and Michael Dionne LavalleeBrensinger P.A. Don and Mary Frances Lawler Robert A. Lepine Lincoln Financial Lloyd Walker Plumbing Heating Mr. and Mrs. Charlton MacVeagh Jr. Brad and Sharon Malt McKesson Health Solutions The Merck Company Foundation Barbara A. Miller Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas W. Morris Jr. New Hampshire Ball Bearings Inc. Northeast Delta Dental Foundation Inc. Nancy Penniman Phyllis E. Porter Dr. and Mrs. James D. Potter Peter and Suzanne Read Steven Reynolds and Susan ONeil Cathie and Phil Runyon Elizabeth and George Salazar Mr. and Mrs. John Schlegelmilch MD Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Seigel Nancy Sevatson Ted and Betty Shea Chester Soule John and Mary Beth Stanek Arthur and Margaret Stevenson Elizabeth Sullivan TD Bank Teleflex Medical Leonard and Phyllis Tichy Anne D. Twitchell Robert and Mary Walker Charles and Cathryn Welch ADVOCATE 250 Anonymous 6 A.A.U. Medical-Legal Consulting Keith and Laura Akerley Mr. George Andersen Mr. and Mrs. William C. Arthur Mary Ann Auth Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Black Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Brummer II Audrey B. Carvalho Priscilla E. Casey Mr. and Mrs. J. Philip Cayford Central Paper Products Alan and Shirley Chandler James and Denise Chenoweth Bonnie J. Christian John and Connie Cooke James H. Davenport Mr. Arthur J. DeWitt Kenneth and Mary K. Duquette Early Morning Big Book Group Bill and Helen Ellerkamp Robert and Carolyn Fellows Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Fernald Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fogg GFA Federal Credit Union Mr. and Mrs. David A. Gregg III Mrs. Christopher E. Harling Donald and Elizabeth Hart Mr. and Mrs. Frederic C. Hartman Debora Haskel and Dale Moore Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hutchinson Carl and Pattie Ingelstrom Carol W. Ireland Mr. and Mrs. Thomas I. Izbicki Johnson Johnson Family of Companies Ms. Patricia S. Johnson Shirley Kane Peter S. Katz DDS Louise M. Lawrence Amy and Walter Manny Frances A. Martin Marguerite R. McLeod Marc and Donna Menard Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mieso Joseph and Patricia N. Miller David and Linda Moriarty Dorothea Ann Munn Dr. and Mrs. James M. Nickerson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. OConnor Marcia Osborn Mr. Charles Palmer Mr. Paul Perricone Jean Perullo Janet Reilly Richard and Susan Reynells Donald and Diane Sampson John J. Sansone Joan Schlieben Robert E. Scribner Daniel V. Scully Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Shumway Mr. and Mrs. Cleston V. Staples Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thibault Sara R. Timmons Jamie and Laura Trowbridge Mrs. Virginia L. Uecker Mr. and Mrs. R. Charles Van Horn Mr. Matt Vest Anne and Cassius Webb Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Westheimer Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Weston Ben and Ann Wheeler Ursula and John Willis Mr. Richard K. Winslow STEWARDS 100 Anonymous 11 Ms. Janet Ackerman Mr. Richard Addiss Mr. A. Brian Akerley Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Allen American Health Centers Inc. Brewster and Elizabeth Ames Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Anthony John and Violet Banks Rosaly Bass Reverend Gerald R. Belanger Mr. Robert Bell Mr. and Mrs. Reynold A. Belletete Bonnie B. Bennett Bergeron Family Rachel and George Billings Michael Theresa and Jake Blaisdell Kathleen and Steve Blease Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Blucke Ms. Louise E. Blum Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Boxer Mr. John R. Bradshaw Joseph and Linda Bremner Bristol-Myers Squib Celia E. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Steven Brown Mr. Stan Bullard David and Gail Bumgardner Marshall A. Buttrick Edwin and Theresa Callahan Barbara A. Campbell Dorothy M. Capron Catherine Carleton Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carr Ruth E. Carr Francesco and Josephine Carrara Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Caulton Robert A. Chase Diane and David Cherwin Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Cilley Mr. John C. Clark and Mrs. Judy Unger-Clark Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Clark Nancy C. Clarke Roland Coates and Elizabeth Freeman Ms. Patricia Cohen Martha and Maury Collins Bob and Mindy Condon Carole A. Connor Doris J. Covey Eva P. Cuddihee Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Charles Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. DAmbrosio Arlene A. Dart Brian and Pam Delahanty Richard and Linda Delay Normand DePratti Shirley Despres District 7AA Jim and Ginny Dodge Ms. Gail Dubeck Barbara Duckett RN and John McPeake Richard and Lorraine Edmunds Richard G. Ellis MD Neil and Christine Falcone Brad and Carol Farnham Gail A. Fath 17 Ive always had a wonderful experience with the nurses at MCH Without the nurses there would be no MCH. Thank you to our contributors cont. Thank you to our contributors cont. H. K. and Nancy W. Faulkner Amy Beeson Felgar John O. Field Edna L. Fisher Sally and Bill Fisher Bill and Joyce Fisk Five Maples Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Flynn Dr. and Mrs. Peter L. Forssell Alice Foster Donald C. Garfield David and Alice Geoffrey Chandler and Barbara Gilbert Willard W. Goodwin and Barbara Summers Dr. and Mrs. Michael B. Gordon Dorothy E. Graham Mr. Peter Grant Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Greene Grove Street Fiduciary Inc. Wealth and Trust Advisors Mr. and Mrs. John Halper Mr. Henry Hammond Chieko Haney Virginia Harbuck Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Harnden Jr. Mr. James Hassinger Robbie and Paul Hertneky Ms. Betsy Hewlett Lessig Janet D. Hicks Nancy W. Hicks High Standard Inc. Mr. Erik T. Horner Owen and Norma Houghton Hampton and Jane Howard James and Emily Hurley Mr. Randy Hurley Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Hylander Priscilla W. Ingalls Ms. Mary Iselin Jack Daniels Motor Inn Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Jane Ms. Cathy A. Jay Jellison Funeral Home LLC David and Diane Jensen Werner and Gertie Kanner Diana and Richard Kasper Gene and Ruth Kellogg Liam M. Kelly and Lesley C. Loke Sarah B. Kendall Vesta Kent Terry and Cory Kilvert Ilhan Kinaci Ms. Marion J. Kingsford Drs. Stephen and Carrie Klonel Edward and Lynne Kokoski Mr. and Mrs. Frank Krahenbuhl Bill and Shari LaPierre Leo G. Lavallee Mr. and Mrs. Allen Leach Mr. Stephen J. LeBlanc Mr. Vinny Lemire Bette Lewicke PhD Jim and Peg Lewis Ken and Betsy Lindfors Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Longsworth Mr. and Mrs. David A. Lord Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lord Mr. Curtis J. Madeja Mr. and Mrs. Edward Madigan David and Louise Malcolm Bob and Sue Marshall John Martin Randall Martin Mascoma Savings Bank Mr. Chester P. Masel Douglas Maynard Richard and Mary McAdoo Margaret K. McCormack David and Janice McKenzie Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. McLaughlin Ms. Elsie Menard Ms. Mary Lou Miley Monadnock Eye Associates Monadnock Security Systems Inc. Susan and Cliff Monkton Irene Peacock Moore Kathleen and John Moyer Robert Mulvey and Laureen Gengor Byron and Cynthia Niederhelman Dr. Lara K. Niemela and Mr. Brooks Niemela Connie and Peter Oliver Ms. Robin Oliver Ms. Mary Lou ONeil Mr. and Mrs. William Oswalt Drs. Louise and David J. Patek Amy Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Pearson Anne and Nathaniel Peirce Peoples United Bank Jean Peters Christine Pillsbury Suzanne Poirier Richard and Constance Porter Mr. and Mrs. William C. Preston Mr. John M. Prosser Mr. Sean Radcliffe and Ms. Colleen Pascu Dr. and Mrs. Roger Reville Anne Weathers Ritchie John A. and Abby B. Rockett Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Rodenhiser Ronald Rogstad Jean Rosenthal MD Dale O. Russell Richard and Holly Sanders Phyllis S. Scott Dorothy Segall Janet P. Shea Matt and Tammy Shea Mike and Kendra Shea Mr. and Mrs. Vincent H. Shea Shirley G. Sherk Sharon Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sorensen Leon St. Cyr Mariellen Stewart Lillian and Donald Stokes Eve and Lewis Stone Lynne and Jeffrey Stone Mr. and Mrs. W. Francis Sullivan Jr. Arnold and Lee Suokko Alexander M. Taft Mr. John Tamposi Dmitry Tarasevich MD The Philip H. Mathewson Companies Inc. Precision Components Inc. Tom and Sandra Tufts C. Jerome and Doris Underwood Brian Wall Clarisse A. Wallace Tom and Anne Marie Warren Irene A. Weafer Mrs. Delores M. Webb David Weir Patricia Wheeler Major W. Wheelock Alan and Elizabeth Wilder Sandra and Will Wildes Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Willis Frances M. Wood Patricia B. Wright Louise and John Young FRIENDS 1.00 Anonymous 21 Joyce Aliseo APRN Mr. and Mrs. John C. Allis Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ames Kathy and Dave Anderson Mr. and Mrs. David R. Babin Tom Badgley Gwyn Baldwin Dr. and Mrs. R. Andre Benoit Ms. Jean M. Benson Ann Bogrette Robert Borsari Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bouchard Luette C. Bourne Mr. and Mrs. Max H. Boyd David and Kathleen Brandes Michael Breen Anthony and Jennifer Brinsdon Esther M. Brooks Deb Brownell Louise G. Bryant Cynthia B. Cadot Barbara Caverly Mr. Charles H. Chandler Harvey and Sandy Chandler June Chandler David and Joyce Chiulli Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Clark Mr. and Mrs. G. Jarvis Coffin Ms. Eleanor Cogswell 18 I received the most compassionate and dedicated care one could ever hope to have.The Monadnock Region has a gem in this small town hospital. 19 MCH helps me stay fit and healthy. As an on-the-go executive with a local software company Maggie Ramos knows the importance of staying fit and healthy. Staying healthy is all about finding what you like and going with it. Its a mind body and soul thing for me. And when shes home in Peterborough Maggies favorite place to work out is The Bond Wellness Center at Monadnock Community Hospital. The Wellness Center has everything you could want to keep fit and strong. Ive taken several classes here and they have the most dedicated and experienced trainers Ive ever met. Maggie first visited The Bond Wellness Center several years ago. I was training for the Boston Marathon and developed tendonitis. Luckily for me I was able to get amazing physical therapy right hereand I eventually completed nine marathons What I love most about the Wellness Center is the feeling of community I get whenever I visit. I just love walking in the door and seeing people of all ages with everyone encouraging and supporting each other. Were so fortunate to have MCH and the Wellness Center in our community. Maggie Ramos at the Peterborough Public Library - Maggie Ramos Peterborough Connecting with Our Community Bringing smiles to children and families One of the most successful and highly regarded initiatives at Monadnock Community Hospital is our Healthy Teeth to Toes program. Through dental education free dental screenings and preventative services and referrals to dentists thousands of Monadnock area children and young adults benet each year. Thank you to our contributors cont. 20 Miss Ellen V. Colleran Ms. Kathleen Colleran Harriet T. Cope Susan and Douglas Copley Brad and Carol Cox Lucilla H. Crocker Ms. Donna Cronin Roger and Joan Crooker Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cuddemi Mr. and Mrs. Robert Culhane Harold Danser Heidi Dawidoff Ann Dillon Frank Dooley Edna A. Drasba Ms. Luella Dunbar Mr. George Duncan Jean and Dick Dupre Diana and Michael Elkavitch Lonn Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Kent Faerber Ms. Hilary Feldstein David E. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fernald Mr. John F. Ferranti Janice M. Fiandaca Barbara M. Fitts Stephen and Elizabeth Fowle Anne S. Frantz Mrs. Louise Fredericks Ross and Sherry Gauthier Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Gingras Z L Giragosian John Goodhue Ms. Nancy Gorr Greenville Womans Club Inc. Mrs. Mary Carol Grip Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Gustafson Polly Guth Bernadette A. Hall Edward and Marion Ham Rev. Richard B. Hardy Yvonne Harpin Robert B. Harris Mr. Benjamin Hartley Ms. Janice S. Hazelton Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Henault Sue Henley A. Josephine Hollis Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Hoover Charlene L. Hulten Mr. and Mrs. Erick Ingraham Larry Jackson Lynn and Brian Jenkins Ms. Karen E. Johnson Sharon E. Johnson Mr. and Ms. Robert A. Jones JSC Printing Karl and Deborah Kaiser Ms. Geraldine L. Keith Kelly and Stephen Kiburis Mr. Robert E. Kipka Henry and Linda Kunhardt Stasia Kwiatkowski Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lambert Gail Landy Mr. and Ms. James T. Lichoulas Ms. Anna Lithgow Jana and Joshua Lothrop Jim and Cindy Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Donald MacIsaac Frank B. Magill MD Viola Malachuk Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Mallon Lynne and Paul Maloney Mr. and Mrs. George J. Maniscalco Mrs. Robert M. Mason Nancy Massey E. H. Mather and F. M. Lee Irrevocable Trust Mary Elizabeth McClellan Ms. Nanci McCrackin Cecelia and Charles McEachern Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Merzi Richard and Barbara Metivier Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mogensen James and Alice Nagahiro Mr. David Nelson Joyce C. Nelson Laura Nichols Mr. Scott Niemi Gail Niskala Ms. Jennifer A. OBrien Joan C. ODonnell Ms. Francine Ojala R. Glen and Susan A. Peterson Marcia M. Pettee Hope and Bob Pettegrew Mr. and Ms. Charles Phillips Shirley R. Porter Ms. Jo Putnam Mr. Alan W. Quinn Ruth E. Quinn Joan Read Sandy Rector Rick and Carol Reed Mr. and Mrs. George Robertson David and Nellie Robinson Meas and Sopheap Ly Roeun Ms. Beatrice D. Ronayne Mr. and Mrs. Lockard Row Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Rowe Anita Rubinstein-Angel Mr. and Mrs. John A. Schmid Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Severance Caroline Sevier Ms. Patricia Soucy Joan and David Spikol Tom and Sandy Stark Mr. and Mrs. Myron Steere III Ms. Rebecca Stone Ann Y. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thibault Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thibault Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Edward Van Blarcom Mr. and Mrs. James Van Campen B. Vasseur Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Waite Jr. Sidney A. Walker Shirley Wamser Ms. Susan Levin Wessels Josephine Wheeler Audrey White and Daniel Keaveny Ms. Dorothy L. White Jack and Janet White Wendy Pierrepont White Bill and Shirley Wildes Marc and Elizabeth Winiecki Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Woodward Margaret and Bernard Wynn Bill and Cindy Yuknewicz Ruth and Rodman Zwirner Jr. GIFTS IN-KIND AB Vending Achille Agway Ava Marie Chocolates Anne Baddour Nancy and David Barisano Belletetes Inc. Ms. Bethany Benoit Chamberlin Free Public Library Crotched Mountain Operations LLC Edmunds Hardware Lin and Joe Hart Hillsboro Ford Inc. Sharon E. Johnson Jeanette LeBel Lincoln Financial Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Luebbermann Manhattan East Hair Design Byron and Cynthia Niederhelman Pepsi Co. Peterborough Massage Therapy Profile Office Furniture LLC Gordon Ripley Shaws Supermarket Sunflowers Restaurant Teleflex Medical The Bagel Mill The Hancock Inn The Window Shop at Monadock Community Hospital Twin Elm Farm Workplace Benefit Solutions I came to MCH after fracturing my hip at home. The staff was prompt therapeutic and considerate. I especially appreciated their efforts to support me and make me comfortable. 10001 Hours Peg McLeod 5001 - 10000 Hours Bradley Farnham Marcia Pettee 4001 - 5000 Hours Francesco Carrara 3001 - 4000 Hours Charles Marvin Joyce Nelson Jean Peters 2001 - 3000 Hours Anonymous John Adams Constance Boyd Wilfred Brassard Carol Farnham Arthur Flick Margaret Flick Priscilla Ward 1001 - 2000 Hours Anonymous 2 Cyndy Burgess James Dodge Joan Hawkins Sandhya Kale Mary Lawler Amy Pfeil Dale Russell Dorothy Segall Shirley Sherk Chester Soule 501 - 1000 Hours Carol Angus Sandra Benotti Chris Brown Josephine Carrara Dianne Chatfield Diane Cherwin Ruth Comerford Mary Craig Judy Edelkind Sally Fisher Randolph Gustafson Deborah Hanson Carol Ireland Mary Reis Andrea Small David Small Leon St. Cyr Samuel Zachos 1 - 500 Hours John T. Adams George Anderson David Arsenault Gwyn Baldwin Libby Barnett Mileva Brown Rebecca Brown Ali Bunker Cynthia Cadot Eleanor Cappa Bennie Castor Kasie Castor Sarah Chatfield-Seaver Nancy Clarke Carole Connor Valerie Connor Bea Corriveau Tricia Cravedi Johanna Creeley Stormie Cuddihee Julie Dinnigan David Dodge Krista Doyle Judith Draper Soosen Dunholter Jessie Elliott Katharyn Ernst Michele Ferencsik Nan Fornal Ann Frost Genevieve Fusco Caitlin Gamboli Chris Giacopelli Diane Goff Nancie Gordon Hadley Greene Tom Greenwood Tony Haigh Andrew Hayes Janet Hicks Nancy Hitzhertbert Tim Hogue Scott Humphrey William Hurad Virginia Inannacci Jan Johnson Patricia Johnson Linda Keenan Terry Kilvert Victor King Ruth Lambert Marjorie Lane Margaret Lewis Mary Loftis Terri Lombardi Ann Lord Karen Lorentz Donna Loucks Ruth Lowe Mary Lucas Edward Luongo Emily Manfre Karen McCormack David Moulton Lisa Olson Adriel Opramiolla Kathleen Pakkala Tony Pereira Geoffrey Phillips Theresa Poirer Anne Rainey Sophia Rallis John Rockwell Kay Ryan Elaine San Soucie Loretta Scharmett Barbara Schwartz Marcia Schwartz Indira Smart Stephen Smith Joey Spaulding Sheldon Spector Joyce Stevens Jeffrey Stewart Joseph Stolz Eve Stone Deborah Tafe Anne Thomas Kusala Tibbetts Anne Twitchell Jacquie Van Allen Clarisse Wallace Dermot Walshe Tom Ward Renee Washburn Lois Webster Elizabeth Wilder Brendan Williams Andrea Wood If MCH was a garden our volunteers would be cheerful daisies springing up to brighten each day. These unsung heroes offer their talents their energy and their generous hearts in the service of our patients and their families. To all of our wonderful volunteers thank you for all you do Generous hearts warm smiles and helping hands 21 Talented and dedicated volunteers like left to right Tom Ward Mary Reis Mary Loftis Carole Connor John T. Adams and Priscilla Ward perform a variety of important tasks on a daily basis Billed for services to our patients Other operating revenues Received from other sources Total Sources Amounts billed but not received Under government and commercial contractual agreements From patients unable to pay charity care Provisions for bad debt Therefore we actually received revenue from patient care and other services of Our costs included amounts To pay our employees To pay our suppliers and vendors To fund depreciation and pay interest on debt To pay New Hampshire Tax on Hospitals Resulting in total costs for patient care and other services The excess of amounts received over costs for the year is used to expand services to our community to improve facilities and to pay back debt Key Statistics Actual Admissions Births Emergency Room Visits Surgical Cases Endoscopy Procedures Imaging Exams Lab Tests Physical Occupational and Speech Therapy The Bond Wellness Center Members Physician Practice Visits 2013 2014 Consolidated Statement of Revenues and Expenses in thousands REVENUES COSTS MARGIN Financial Statement 130525 6076 1005 137606 52843 3785 4465 76513 40444 24940 5703 3402 74489 2024 1422 276 14765 1566 1301 30288 202276 45663 1499 144128 123400 4249 -48 127601 46477 3446 4468 73210 39236 24312 6172 2553 72273 937 1351 325 15472 1486 1231 29889 197580 41270 1509 133087 22 Executive Barbara Duckett RN Robert L. Edwards Richard P. Frechette MD President Medical Staff Norman H. Makechnie Esq. Cynthia K. McGuire FACHE President and CEO Carole D. Monroe Steven H. Reynolds James R. Trowbridge Finance Robert L. Boyd Robert L. Edwards Gregory Kriebel MD Cynthia K. McGuire FACHE President and CEO Steven H. Reynolds Richard Scheinblum CFO James R. Trowbridge Planning Elizabeth Cooley MD Robert L. Edwards Peter L. Forssell MD Richard P. Frechette MD William H. James Jr. Gregory Kriebel MD Cynthia K. McGuire FACHE President and CEO Carole D. Monroe Charles J. Seigel MD Investment Management Janet Ackerman Harry J. Healer Jr. Charles H. Krause Richard K. Nichols John P. Petrov Peter Read Steven H. Reynolds Richard Scheinblum CFO Charles J. Seigel MD Audit James C. Adams Thomas S. Bates CPA Marc Menard CPA Steven H. Reynolds James R. Trowbridge Philanthropy Robert L. Boyd Cyndy Burgess James Callahan Esq. Karen Clement Gerald M. DeBonis MD Joseph S. Hart Patricia S. Johnson RN Gregory Kriebel MD Cynthia K. McGuire FACHE President and CEO Marcia Ober Dorothy D. Peterson Benjamin Pratt Theodore Renna MD Linda C. Renna Charles J. Seigel MD David M. Tower Richard G. Verney Audrey M. White COMMITTEES Carole D. Monroe Chair Steven H. Reynolds Vice Chair James R. Trowbridge Treasurer Norman H. Makechnie Esq. Clerk Robert L. Boyd Barbara Duckett RN Robert Edwards Peter L. Forssell MD Richard P. Frechette MD William H. James Jr. Gregory Kriebel MD Cynthia K. McGuire FACHE President and CEO Terrance McNamara DO Marcia Ober Michael J. Shea Thomas J. Ward TRUSTEES Trustees and Committees Carole D. Monroe Chair Steven H. Reynolds Vice Chair James R. Trowbridge Treasurer Norman H. Makechnie Esq. Clerk 23 As of May 1 2015 Anesthesia Michael H. Doherty MD Michael A. Grabach CRNA John LaBranche MD Joseph Lupo MD Mark Strutt CRNA Cardiology Jeffrey F. Bleakley MD Robert C. Dewey MD Jonathan Eddinger MD Louis I. Fink MD Jeanne I. Finn APRN Philip Fitzpatrick MD James M. Flynn MD William Graff MD Stephen Hanlon MD Connor J. Haugh MD Samuel Joffe MD Jamie H. Kim MD Peter Klementowicz MD Daniel Philbin Jr MD Ido Preis MD Emergency Medicine Stephen H. Buzzell MD Christopher G. Krupp MD Eric Lasky MD Craig H. Lauer MD Wayne R. LeClair MD Steve Nawrocki MD Family Practice Marcy M. Ainslie APRN Joyce Aliseo APRN Siobhan Benham APRN Annika M. Brown MD Jennifer Civitella MD Elizabeth Cooley MD Richard P. Frechette MD John J. Haley MD Scott C. Jaynes MD Margaret Kelly APRN Carrie Klonel DO Stephen Klonel DO Fay J. Migotsky MD James D. Potter MD Lisa Ramey MD Michelle Urban MD Marc A. Winiecki DO Gastroenterology Robert J. Chehade MD Michael Gilbert MD Burr Loew MD Samuel Somers MD Robert Thomson MD General Dentistry Jasper Ainslie DDS Peter M. Cerroni DMD Paul L. Jane DDS Dr. Nancy Jun DDS General Surgery Francis Evans MD Robert Knowles MD Nicholas Morris MD Jennifer Peppers MD Phil Vuocolo MD Hospitalist Thomas Ellingson MD Richard P. Frechette MD Sarah Glover DO Stephen Klonel DO Lora McClintock MD Nikesh Patel MD E. Ross Ramey MD John Rooney MD Stephanie Salas MD Lucas Shippee DO Marc A. Winiecki DO Internal Medicine Annette Brooks APRN Lora McClintock MD Gregory S. Neilley MD Lucas Shippee DO Lynne R. Stone APRN Dmitry Tarasevich MD Donna Mohan APRN Neurology Sachin Dave MD ObstetricsGynecology Heather Arel APRN William Brazer MD Tanya DeWitt MD David R. Levene MD Charles J. Seigel MD Pamela Stetzer DO Occupational Health Lynn Batchelder APRN Getrude Buckley APRN Nancy E. Lynch ARNP Sheena D. McAroy APRN Oncology Steven S. Larmon MD James M. Nickerson MD Jill Winslow MD Ophthalmology Gladys Lee MD Theodore Renna MD Cathryn L. Welch MD Oral Surgery Leonard L. Weldon DDS Orthopaedic Surgery Bryan Christensen MD Orthopaedics Ronald Michalak MD Wayne Moschetti MD Douglass Weiss MD Otolaryngology Mark A. Carwell MD Christopher H. Daniell MD Ashok Reddy MD Paul Righi MD Medical Staff Wherever the art of Medicine is loved there is also a love of Humanity. -Hippocrates Dmitry Tarasevich MD Monadnock Internal Medicine Robert C. Knowles MD FACS Monadnock Surgical Associates 24 Pathology John Bissonnette MD John A. Bryan MD Anil Dewan MD Lei Duan MD Weldon W. Sanford MD Jessica F. Sherman MD J. Samuel Smoot MD Kremena Star MD Chengen Xu MD Pediatrics Jeffrey J. Boxer MD Adela de Vera MD James Hurley MD Gregory Kriebel MD Lara K. Niemela MD Suzanne M. Schoel MD PhysiatryPain Management Terrance McNamara DO PhysiatryRehab Medicine Shawn P. Harrington MD Podiatry Jonathan P. Pattavina DPM Psychiatry Roger C. Cawley PhD Michelle Gunning MD Jeffrey Mark Haines MD Marcia Pabo MD Mark A. Stevens MD Michael D. Weil PsyD Pulmonology William H. Goodman MD Radiology Elizabeth J. Angelakis MD Christopher G. Eckel MD David W. Fontaine MD John Januario MD Wane G. Joselow MD Eric S. Landis MD Donald R. Logan MD Michael D. Luck MD Mark D. Luedke MD Edwin J. Olmstead MD Robert Sprague MD Peter van der Meer MD Social Worker Karen Langley LICSW Cynthia Lynch LICSW Samuel Rosario LICSW Urology Mark M. Funk MD Thomas McNamara MD George F. Quimby MD Craig Rinder MD Medical Executive Committee Richard P. Frechette MD President Fay J. Migotsky MD Vice President Shawn P. Harrington MD Gregory Kriebel MD Thomas McNamara MD James D. Potter MD Pamela Stetzer MD Dmitry Tarasevich MD Monadnock Health Partners Board of Directors Lucas Shippee DO Chair Nancy Barisano CIO Judith Carr VP Physician Services Shawn Harrington MD Craig Lauer MD Interim CMO Cynthia K. McGuire FACHE President and CEO Gregory S. Neilley MD James D. Potter MD Richard Scheinblum CFO If we have mistakenly omitted or misspelled your name or if you would like your name removed from our marketing and fundraising list please contact Laura Gingras VP of Philanthropy and Community Relations Monadnock Community Hospital 452 Old Street Road Peterborough NH 03458 603 924-4666 For more information about these providers call our Physician Referral Line at 603 924-4699 ext 1600. Michelle A. Urban MD Monadnock Family Care Siobhan Benham APRN Jaffrey Family Medicine Medical Leadership 25 Thank you F O R I N V E S T I N G I N M O N A D N O C K C O M M U N I T Y H O S P I TA L 452 Old Street Road Peterborough NH 03458 603 924-7191 Photos courtesy of Mark Corliss PhotographyMulti-media Creations Kate Preftakes Photography Monadnock Community Hospital