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Hospital Expansion Statewide Release September 2008

$25 Million Dollar Expansion Underway at Monadnock Community Hospital

Peterborough, NH - Monadnock Community Hospital in Peterborough, NH has announced the largest and most elaborate expansion in the Hospital’s 84-year history.  This three-year, $25 million dollar project will position the Hospital to provide excellence in community health care for generations to come.  The renovation commenced in mid-August with the first phase of improvements to the parking lots and the construction of a new perimeter road on campus that will take approximately one year. 

The expansion includes renovations to the existing hospital and new clinical building. This will begin in 2010 with a completion date of 2012.  The expansion focuses on improving the patient experience in the most heavily used and growing departments at the hospital.  The most immediate need is to expand the Emergency Department which sees over 13,000 visits per year.  A new Maternity Center will meet the growing needs for obstetrical care and create a state-of-the-art yet highly personal experience for new mothers and families.  Surgical Services continues to grow at MCH and an expanded surgery department will provide the very best facility for patients, surgeons and clinical staff. Future expansion is planned for other hospital services.  Renovation and expansion of the existing Medical Office Building will create new space for primary care practices. 

A major capital campaign, “Investing in Your Community Health Care” is underway and has a working target of $6 million for capital needs and $1 million for endowment.  “From the very beginning, we knew we had to have the support and encouragement from the Trustees, staff, donors and the community,” says Peter Gosline, President and CEO. “We have had nothing but positive feedback and support for MCH’s vision of keeping pace with the expanding health care needs of the Monadnock Region.”

For more information, contact Laura Gingras, Vice President of Philanthropy and Community Relations at 603-924-4311 or email

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