We have coaching programs to meet your needs and goals:

Setpping Stones Coaching Program

Stepping Stones:

Initial consultation plus THREE ½-hr consultations

In this once monthly collaboration with your coach, experience the clarity and satisfaction of thoughtful health and wellness planning.  Discover the fulfillment in having a direction and in creating purpose to your wellbeing.  You will celebrate the freedom in knowing change is possible.

Wellness Seeker Coaching Program

Wellness Seeker:

Initial consultation plus FIVE ½-hr sessions

Unearth your motivation to succeed through biweekly collaborations with your coach. Beyond the clarity and direction you experience engaging in wellness coaching, biweekly sessions help you keep your highest values in the forefront of your mind often leading to greater progress in your wellness journey. You will celebrate your success toward becoming the healthier individual you desire.

Authentic Discovery Coaching Program

Authentic Discovery:

Initial consultation plus ELEVEN ½-hr sessions

This is our most powerful program, where weekly dynamic conversations with your coach inspire and empower you to achieve more than you thought possible.

The consistency of weekly meetings moves you forward with a strong focus & connection to your wellness commitments. This often results in a deeper experience of self-discovery in knowing the person you are and want to become. You'll discover within your journey there are no failures, but only insights into the “How” of the change you desire. 

Crossroads Coaching Programs

*Requires completion of a
three-month coaching package

Trail Blazer Multi-Session*:

Package of FOUR ½-hr sessions

Ideal to maintain your focus and motivation with sessions you can use at anytime


Trail Blazer Single Session*:

SINGLE ½-hr session   

Ideal for a check-in to stay focused, or used as an additional session to your current three-month package

Group Coaching Sessions Available call 924-4650 for details or fill out our online request form for more information.


View our Non-Member coaching program pricing by downloading this PDF.

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